the messier, the better!

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Messing up with paint really was fun for Bob, who was having a boring Saturday indoors.


Finifenmaa is back at blogging!!!

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Hey everyone, after a huuuge break… Finifenmaa (& Bob) are bak!!! 


i think they’re cute.. don’t u?

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Why do we judge people by just how they look or dress?? Well, it’s just simply unacceptable. This post isn’t about natural beauty, this is more about what we choose to do, to look pretty or simply because we want to, specifically piercing.

Even through the years, us Maldivians tend to judge someone who got more than one or a couple of piercings on the ears. They would be labeled as junkies. And any boy who got studs on his ears/elsewhere would have trouble getting the consent of a girl’s mom. What I’m trying to say here is, piercing isn’t just for junkies, Goths whatevers. It also can be done by average people, who could be considered ‘decent’ leading ‘normal’ lives. Of course, people go overboard with the piercing bit, to the point at times it gets disgusting. But it could also be done to an ‘average’ not disgusting level. And there are types of jewellery that would make the piercing ‘decent’ and ‘acceptable’. Well whatever, let’s not judge people by the number of ‘holes’ they got huh?





Trio Trio.. :D

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Trio is on TV… *happy dance* Trio *sigh  😀  

 Dont u luv ’em???


(btw the pic is from maapu’s flickr) 

colourful morning!!!!

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We (Uzain, Bob & i) were riding past this park, when we came across this…

NIIICE aren’t they???

(pixsie this post is specially for u!!! *hug* wish u were there with me!)


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Wanted to share with you all a little about this book that I’m reading. It has been ages since I started reading this book about a group of very courageous women. Let me outline it a bit, it’s about women in Iraq during Saddam’s rule. A group of them jailed for reasons they themselves have no clue about. Some of them are well educated, while others are housewives. They all share something in common, the prison cell. The book explains the extreme torture they face. The reason why it’s taking me ages is that once I get so hung over the book, and they torture these women like I hell, I tend to break down and cry :$ I know stupid, but I get emotional. And knowing all this is true. I get depressed. So I just keep the book down for a couple of days, before starting another chapter. What I really wanted to share with you is this poem; a woman had etched on a wall of one of the cells.

“They took me away from my home
They slapped me when I cried out for my children
They imprisoned me
They accused me of crimes I had never committed
They interrogated me with their harsh accusations
They tortured me with their cruel hands
They stubbed out cigarettes on my flesh
They cut out my tongue
They raped me
They cut off my breasts
I wept alone, in pain and in fear
They sentenced me to die
They staked me to the wall
I begged for mercy
They shot me between my eyes
They dumped my body in a shallow grave
They buried me without a shroud
After my death they discovered I was innocent.”

Gorgon Medusa

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Another one of those mythical creatures again!

The Gorgon sisters were said to be three very pretty women who lived at the ends of the world beyond the oceans. Gorgon Medusa was a beautiful nymph, with rosy cheeks and lovely hair. She was wooed by many men and envied by many women, including some goddesses. The sea god Poseidon desired her so much it drove him into raping her in the Goddess Athena’s temple. Athena so upset to find this, she turned Gorgon Medusa into the monster she later was, as revenge.
Instead of hair on the head, she later had snakes and her pretty face look so awful that any man who looks at her is turned to stone.
She was turned into a monster because she was raped by the god Poseidon. Isn’t it unfair? And she was later killed by Perseus who was ordered to take back Medusa’s head in order to save his mother. She was beheaded with the help of goddess Athena.  At the time of her death, she was pregnant to Poseidon, and from the blood that spilt from her sprang her offspring, the flying horse known as Pegasus.