angel or devil???

angel/devil???At times, you would think that you know a person so well, we sometimes say ‘i know him/her inside out’. But the fact remains, you will never know a person, friend or family, close enough to know inside out. There are people out there, that sometimes could be so ‘evil’ yet look ‘angelic’ you can never judge a person by the appearance (yea never judge a book by its cover). There are people, out there, who deliberately mislead you to believe that they are your friend, and then after a loooooooooong time, you discover, the person is just a monster in disguise!!! Be careful who you trust and the extent you are willing to share. Because, you never ever would know whats cooking in some1 else’s mind.


4 Responses to “angel or devil???”

  1. hey sys welcome to blogging :D.. nice work you’ve done with the designing..

    very sad and weired that people would be like that :(.. but not all of them and my even be vise versa.. look like a devil and an angel at heart dhoa :).. but we all have to be carefull dhoa

    hey n HAPPY BLOGGING 😀 hope you hav a wonderful time with it

  2. finifenmaa Says:

    thnx sid, cud be both ways u never know… thnx again 🙂

  3. m the angel .. hope you guys will agree

  4. true true
    but what’s the point in living without taking the risk of being hurt?
    one day you get hurt, few days later you’re ok. and again you get hurt. that’s life 🙂

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