if i could turn back time….

i question myself, ‘would i do things differently if i coudl turn back time?’. im not so sure… i wonder… seeing myself in the position i am right now, and thinking had i done this, or had i done that differently, would things be different now? the slightest change in my past might have changed this present tremendously. there are things i wish i had done, stuff that i let go that i now think i shouldn’t have, actions that may have made me a better person or helped me land in a better future (present). humming the song in my head… i conclude, everything i did, i did for a reason. everything i let go, i let go for a cause. when i really come to think of it, i dont want to change a thing in the past… i still wonder though how things might have turned out if i changed an action in the past… but the present is wonderful… where i am is gr8, the people i share it with are a blessing… i am happy with all the decisions i made!!! 😀


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