My Beautiful Child

I love this darling little kid,

Running around, playfully

The way he pastes a tiny kiss

To make up for a mistake, so sorry 

At times with a preoccupied mind I sit

To think about life’s challenges, wearily

And all of a sudden comes along my little bliss

Making me smile whole heartedly 

Thinking of all the fun he’d miss

Makes me tug at him impatiently

Until he would finally let go of his toy bits

And get ready for bed irritably 

Now in the comfy pajamas of his

I look at him sleep so peacefully

A little prayer for my darling I hiss

And kiss him o so gently


13 Responses to “My Beautiful Child”

  1. she even looks special …
    may she bring you joy always …
    be happy …

  2. finifenmaa Says:

    HE is a blessing… thanks for your lovely comment 😀

  3. Every child is wonderful. You’ll see beauty when you try to see it. As said by subcorpus, may she bring you joy always…
    be happy…

  4. finifenmaa Says:

    yes you are right, all children are beautiful. with children around you, you would never feel low! thaaanx guys HE is a wonderful child.. (PPL HE is a guy!)

  5. beeeaaautiful!! 🙂 poem + wht you’ve done with pic..HE looks very cute in the pic dhoa 😉 hehe

  6. finifenmaa Says:

    hehe… thaaaanx sid

  7. salhi ingey 😀 finifenmaa is known as rosebud tha? 🙂

  8. finifenmaa Says:

    hehe… finifenma is rose nun! 🙂 thanks foskalo

  9. ehehe yeah i also thought that u were the r0sebud in irc network, but the child in ur pic, he is not the kid she have so i knew ur not the one 🙂 anyways yeah he is cute.. and a nice poem. u write poems? mind making a song for me 🙂 ehehe… just wana check ur lyrics out:)

  10. finifenmaa Says:

    hehe… i TRY not that good though! u make lovely lyrics urself nun!

  11. WOW!! just wow.. U are a great mom. Azan is a lucky boy.. go on boy.. and mommy!

  12. darkdays maves heekury hama mIRC ga ulhey rosebud kamah lol 😛

  13. nope mee hama wordpress ga ulhey finifenmaa

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