I walk down a street… a crowded, busy street, on this little capital island, where almost everyone knows each other. I came across a couple of friends whom I’ve not met in ages. They greet me in exciting shrieks.

Girl 1: ‘hey girl, u have gained so much weight’

Girl 2: ‘nah, I think it’s the baggy shirt she’s wearing that makes her look FATTER than she really is’.

Imagine friends that I haven’t met in ages greet me with such a ‘warm’ greeting that actually made my blood boil, my face red and my heart to skip a beat. I replied ‘lovely to have bumped into u too’! Maybe I was rude, but do you think they were polite themselves?

This is a tradition among us to greet someone, anyone you meet with a judgment about their looks. The most common judgment passed is ‘o you’ve gained so much’ or ‘you have lost so much weight’. Sometimes I wonder when this ritual would change. I wonder when, people would actually ever learn to greet people with a wonderful, pleasant greeting. They could always say ‘hi’, ‘hello’, ‘good morning/afternoon/evening’ or ‘assalaam alikum’ don’t you think so?

Let’s be careful the next time we greet someone. Instead of depressing the person you meet, just make them feel good & happy to have met you!


13 Responses to “Uuurrrrgggghhhhh!!!”

  1. Yea this is very common amongst us and very sad..they just don think how it would effect the person to whome they refer to..not unless they have been judged!!

  2. yah true..so true! nice post =)

  3. finifenmaa Says:

    sid: yea sad dho! ppl are just so blunt!

    thnx shweeeet 😀

  4. yeah varahnattaa…i am soo hiki now but still ppl sayim fat.Waaaaaaaahhhh:'(

    wel they shud atleast say that im gud luking…

  5. finifenmaa Says:

    my point exactly… even if u’ve lost weight & u r sure of it, ppl tend to say u r FAT!! imagine! a little white lie every now and then wudnt hurt dho! thnx for dropping by perky!

  6. ain…nice post there..yea its the same…ive been gainin soo much weight now hehe..and everyone someone sees me they say is ‘eyy haadha falaeh thivanee’ u know i really get sad too but face it its the truth! i guess i have to be back to my old weight hehe but still im too LAAZYY!!! but it wud still be nice wen im greeted by ‘hi’ or somethin like dat! anyways kool one…hopin to c more..

  7. True point! Cool post.. blog too! 😉

  8. finifenmaa Says:

    thnx waylander 🙂 come again!

  9. I am wondering who u r. u sounds a lot like a friend of mine…

  10. finifenmaa Says:

    every1 has the same opinion on this subject don’t we…

  11. this is sooo true!! sometimes ppl can be inconsiderate in how they react dho?

  12. Hmm yes why is this?, why are women so much concerned about weight

  13. finifenmaa Says:

    @ rambler – cos thats vat ppl tend to notice…

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