My sister and I, we were surfing channels when we came across an episode of ‘Judging Amy’ a couple of days back. By the time the episode ended I was in shock and tears welled up in my eyes, I looked at my sister, she looked back at me with the same look of remorse on her face. Let me tell you how the story went.

There was this little boy, about 10 years old. He was found guilty for sexually abusing his little sister, who was just 5 years old. He was taken into interrogation and when asked why, he kept saying he was the man of the house, and he did what had to be done. This little boy had even used a condom while he abused his sister this is quite shocking right? A 10yr old was using a condom! The mother cried with grief, said she wanted them to Help her son who seriously needed help. My heart reached out to her. The team concluded that the boy was also abused by someone which was the reason for his actions. They suspected the stepfather to whom their mother had recently married. They kept asking him different questions and finally he told them. He said that he was the man of the house and that someone else had taken his place. This came as huge shock to us! The mother had been sleeping with her under aged son, her own child, her flesh and blood. And this little boy was broken that his mother had remarried! Imagine, how cruel could a person be! As the episode ended, my sister and I, we sat there, speechless…

This may have been fiction, but incidents as such are so common. Even in this little nation of ours. Sexual abuse is so common that it scares me. People, whom we trust, whom we are certain that they care, could turn out to be predators. Among us, sexual abuse crimes were being so hushed for a long time, which is probably why it was easily spread. Rape from people who are trustworthy leave the victims broken, self-esteem dies away. We should be careful with whom we leave our children. And keep a door open with your child so that he/she would always come to you with their concerns. Believe me, a person may look so innocent and yet might be the devil himself in disguise! Damn, it’s a shame among us humans are people so cruel.


9 Responses to “Shattered!!”

  1. shame on such a people.actually this is happening becox of the parents as on the episode.This kind of things are categorized as the most cruel things as you said,I truly believe and agree with you.

  2. yeah true..nice plot that episode or movie or whatever has..would have been really touching..nice post..i too wrote about this a few days back =)

  3. i saw tht episode n i was goin to write abt it in my hadn’t bene up to it.. it was realy shockin to see tht episode…

  4. interesting.. Its common here in Maldives too.

    and check this out.

  5. nice post u’ve got here 🙂 nice blog too 😀 🙂 your thoughts are extremely powerful and attractive. 🙂

  6. finifenmaa Says:

    thnx darkdays… appreciate u stoppin by! 😀

  7. anytime … and one more thing after im done with the song ill make sure u are the first one to hear it from my blog peeps … alright tc 😀

  8. finifenmaa Says:

    wow, i’d be honoured! 😀 thaaaaaaaanx!!!

  9. yah i saw that episode
    it started out actually that the they actually thought that it was the stepfathr who has raped the gal
    bt was more shoked o knw o was her brother
    and more shoked to know that the mother was having sex with the kid’the world is becoming one twisted tale dho

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