please stay with me…


Oh baby do you feel

My arms around you so tight

I love to hold you

All through the night 

I make a little promise

To love you all through my life

And wish to hear you say

‘You’ll always be my loving wife’ 

I run my fingers through

Your freshly washed hair

And smell the musky smell

Of your chest skin bare 

I wish you could hear me sing

This lovely song I made

Especially for you my love

Straight from my heart I sang 

I’d love you forever

And leave you never

I’ll be right here

I’d stay with you ever 

I love you my darling

Wish you’d be alright

With all the love I can give

I wish you’d wake tonight


2 Responses to “please stay with me…”

  1. nice poem n the pic looks really lovely!!!

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