let’s make a difference!


As I sat by the window, watching it rain outside, the gentle drizzle, it made me calm, relaxed me, at least for a while. It was only a little over a minute when I heard the crash of glass in the kitchen. My heart skipped a couple of beats. Not that again, oh I hope she’s not at it again. It was funny, I hoped otherwise, but was sure it was the same crash as always, I ran to the kitchen. She was at it again. I let a little cry, a little over a whisper, “mom, please calm down, please take my hand, let me hold you”. As always she rejects “go away, I need to be alone!”

How can I let her be alone? Just let her be? She is my mom; I care for her, love her deeply. She has always been there for me through all. After all she is only human. She needs me to help her get over her ‘bad habit’. I’m all that she has.

I try again “mom, I love you”. She mumbles a little I love you too. I know she does. I just needed to hear her say that again. And I’m sure she felt good to hear me say that at her too.

I let out my hand to her, she takes it, I tell her “mom, I was sitting by the window, want to go there with me, watch the rain” she muttered something, assuming it as a ‘yes please’ I lead her out the kitchen… into the living area. Help her to ‘our couch’ by the window. I let her head rest on my chest as she leaned on me. Listening to the rain, which now is heavy. In a few minutes she’d sleep. As usual, I let her rest, leaning against me, as I hold her lovingly curl my legs around hers. And hum a little soothing song that she loves.

She has been through a lot. Not everyone reacts the same way; it is her mistake that she took a wrong path. A path that she used to despise! But does that mean I should just let her go? She was there for me when I needed assistance growing up, become a responsible person. Now I am being that responsible person, I am helping her grow out of it. And I’m sure, with my untiring help she’d grow out of her ‘bad habit’.

Let me tell you, if someone you care for needs assistance, don’t fail to be there for him/her. No matter how big or how small the ‘bad habit’ is, just be there for them, it helps!


9 Responses to “let’s make a difference!”

  1. is this a real story?

    when ppl get into trouble, it’s good to let them know u havnt deserted them n somebody is there for them. I do agree, it does help.

  2. finifenmaa Says:

    naaaah!!! just a lil story i made up! thnx for the comment! and yes, companions mean a lot ven in trouble!

  3. hehe.. ekamu bayeh faharu emeehunnahtakaa ehen haalu ga jehifa huri ekuveriyaa ah ehee vumun ves goas vefa eba huri dho! mi bunee haaluga jehifa huri ekuveriyaa ithurah haaluga jehifa ves eba huri dho 😉

  4. are u suph?? just making sure 🙂 ehehe anyways yeah if they are helped in a way they could appreciate it.. its good!!

  5. oops sorry my bad suph doesnt have a kid:P ehehe sorry!!

  6. finifenmaa Says:

    darkdays: vats a suph anyway? 😀 hehe!

    perky: thnx

  7. Yes, it is true that no matter what “the problem” is we should provide companionship regardless. And you won’t find a soul disagreeing with you on this point. If only we practiced what we preached. This statememnt is in no way aimed at any of those who commented.

  8. yes.. it doesnt matter how small it could be to you.. it could be the worst thing of their life.. just lend a hand it would mean so much to them..and i am sure you would feel beter about yourself 🙂

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