drum away darling!

The start of a wonderful day,


The sun gently spreading its rays


Bam, bam, tush, bam


He has started drumming away!






This is the beginning of everyday


On the toy instruments he’d play


The musicians in his mind he’d portray


I just l adore the attention he’d pay






As he plays on the drums everyday


His little buttocks he’d sway


His little head he’d bang away


To be one of them he’d pray






Lovely darling I hope u never stray


With this wild dream you’d stay


I hope that one fine day


You would learn to play



This poem is dedicated to my darling son Azan (a.k.a Bob) who is crazy abt drums!


15 Responses to “drum away darling!”

  1. This little pray
    for him i would say
    for him to find his way
    up in the skies far away
    and may god bless him all the way

    beeaaauuutiful poem sys 🙂 .. and wish all the best to bob 🙂 may all his dreams come true.. he looks so pro in the pic dhoa 🙂 .. beeeeeeeeeautiful ingay

  2. kool guy..i bet he wud be dreaming abt drums while he is sleeping dho..cute tough boy!

  3. wow he is sooooooooooooo cute
    and and the poem is V nice tooo
    But when i finsihed reading and i saw him

  4. finifenmaa Says:

    thnx all

    sid: lovely comment 😀

    perky: drums allllll the time

    kaidha: handsome 2 yr old eh?

  5. wooww.. maai Alla ge thanavas rahumathun finifenmaa ge dhariyakee Drum kulhumuga kulhadhaana fannaane kamuga lavvaashi .. aameen.
    hey haadha loabbey esoru.. Umaaaah .. finifenmaa plsss e umaaaah kuda sorah aharenge faraathun radhdhu koh dheychhey!

  6. ehehe, so ur kid plays drums eh? ehehe he could try out in the song “BLACK” as a drummer 😀 ehehe nice poem

  7. finifenmaa Says:

    hehe… that’d b gr8… want his number? 😛

  8. ofcourse, someone talented this much!! would do great in our band 🙂

  9. eyyyy be bem bob!!!

    beautiful poem & an awesome pic inge!!

    hehe.. obi noway. go bob go!

  10. awww loabi kan… cuteee! n yea inshallah ur dreamz wud come true (y) best of luck

  11. What an adorable kid!!

  12. is that at um..fasy’s with ibbe? i think i was there that day… very cute kid 🙂

  13. yea ibbe from ‘fasylive’, u sure this was during last ramazan! he’s grown up a lot more… hehe!

  14. blessing from millions of dancing souls 😉

    *drum aka crap

  15. Thomangel Says:

    kekek. yeah i think so

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