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Bob’s day out…

Posted in bob on April 29, 2007 by finifenmaa

We make it a point to take bob out on Fridays… We consider that the family day, unless someone gets bz. We had the usual outing last Friday, but as Bob didnt sleep the afternoon, we decided to make it a short one as he would soon feel sleepy. So we went to a shop and then to Seagull, but he had hoped to go to Skippy.  Once we entered Seagull he was so frustrated, he said he didnt even want ice-cream hehe.. but i knew that it was just because he was already feeling sleepy and getting all irritated due to it.

Look at him expressing his irritation…

then his disappointment…

and then zzzzzzzzzzz…


Sleep tight sweetie…

Posted in articles on April 26, 2007 by finifenmaa

What could be a more pleasant sight,
Than watching you sleeping tight?

Cradling my dear in my arms,
Praying you’ll be safe from all harm.

I’ll always be here with the guiding light
Even at times as dark as the night
I caress your lovely baby skin
And give a little kiss to your chin
Listen to this loving lullaby I hum, 
For you my angel, from your loving mom.

Thank you!

Posted in thinking aloud!! on April 24, 2007 by finifenmaa

This poem is for those people who have been so supportive to me…

Things have gone terribly wrong
I have tried and tried to be strong

Everything seems to tumble down
As I sit here watching with a frown


Decisions, so hard to make
I feel, like I’m putting my life at stake


Dreams yet to be made true
Trying hard, without feeling blue


Your HOPE has been with me all along
It has kept me going this long


Your LOVE gives me the strength
As I walk miles & miles in length


Thank you all for being there by me,
I will make it through, just wait and see!

show me what you feel

Posted in thinking aloud!! on April 20, 2007 by finifenmaa


Why do you find it so hard to say ‘sorry’?


Why aren’t you ready to take the blame?


If I hurt you baby, “I’m truly sorry”


If I was wrong, I’m ready to take the blame…




Why don’t you more often say ‘I love you’?


Are you too scared to show that you do?


Darling, here I am saying “I love you”


After so much time passed, I still do.




No words could ever express


The love, in depth, for you I feel


Why don’t you also express


If it’s the same that you feel?


So confused…

Posted in thinking aloud!! on April 19, 2007 by finifenmaa


How do I know that this is the right choice?


I’m so damn confused…


I try to listen to the tiny voice


But I guess that’s also confused





I know where I am, isn’t where I should be,


But how do I begin to understand


Should I just run, should I flee


Oh, I need to understand.





I made so many mistakes in life


So many years I have wasted


I try to make it all alright,


What if I get more wasted?





Time is valuable I know,


This is why it’s so important,


To make the right decision,


How do I decide what’s important.





I just need to sort all this out,


Before I make the next move,


Right or wrong I want to know,


As I make this next move.

Are mermaids real?

Posted in articles on April 15, 2007 by finifenmaa


Mermaids, the half fish half human creatures, we see them on movies & cartoons, read about them in books, and it makes me wonder, do they really exist? Or is it just some myth all made up. There are people, most commonly sailors but others too who claim to have seen a mermaid every now and then. People have claimed to have seen mermaids even in quite recent times. When 70% of our earth is water, the mermaid being said to live in the seas, it would be hard to say in certain that there are no such things as mermaids, as there’s lots of the sea still left unexplored. But there are scientific justifications against mermaid existence. Scientists say the vertebral structure from fish to human is too different to form a hybrid species.

They are at times described in different ways. They are said to have long beautiful hair (at times green, blue, orange, and black) and full breasts. But on the contrary, sometimes mermaids are described to have dull faces, and long teeth. They are also said to swim close to ships which have loud music (mermaids like music). They are almost always spotted sitting on a rock at the sea, either combing their hair, or singing for their lost love. And quickly disappear into the sea if/when they realize they are seen.

I also wonder, are mermaids vicious beasts or tame creatures. They are portrayed differently on different occasions. In Greek mythology, Sirens are said to hypnotize sailors with their beautiful voices and make them wreck their ships. But also on the other hand, the mermaid ‘Ariel’ in the cartoon is portrayed to be a helpful one who saves the drowning prince.

The last but not the least, I went through a lot of articles, but didn’t come across any which included any testimonials from persons who had spotted a handsome merman. Wonder why! 😉

true love never dies…

Posted in articles on April 11, 2007 by finifenmaa

Continuation from ‘fate’… 

Azeeza grew up to be a strong willed beautiful young lady. Broke many hearts, but hey, she was the Sultan’s wife, they’d rather let their hearts be broken than have their necks broken for making a move on her. She was so young and innocent that she didn’t have any knowledge on how to raise a child. She tried though; she would try to dress up her baby every now and then. There was one incident when she had run the nappy pin through his skin, ouch! There were lots of other ladies (‘goma’s) at the palace who happily took charge in taking care of the young prince.

She loved her tutorial sessions, she soon learnt to read & write Dhivehi. She could understand and reply a little when spoken to in English, but reading was tough for her. Her favorite tutorial session of all was Dhivehi Poetry. It’s not just the subject, but the tutor too. Yes, she fell in love with her poetry tutor, who loved her back dearly. But she was married, though to an old man, he was her husband. You can’t really blame her for wandering away. But what she did was wrong. It was worse because she was the wife of the Sultan. They met in secrecy, went to the woods where no one went, had romantic moments that she’s so fond of. It wasn’t long before their secret was out in the open. She wanted to run off with her lover, but was it really her wish that mattered? No, for bringing disgrace to the Sultan, the unfortunate tutor had to take all the responsibility. He was banished to an island. While on the Dhoni, before it set sail, he wrote a poem which is now a well-known song, of which the following are some of the verses I know.

Mihiriyye haalakee ulhey, Kihineiy tha dhen hadhaanee

Jehifa mivaa gilan magey, Keehbaa va ey kuraanee…

Mee haadha loabi loaiybekey, Beevehjeyey athun magey,
Aharenge loabi dhekilumah, Mahusharu bimah he dhaanee

These articles are about my grandmother. The child she bore to the Sultan is my uncle. Grandma later married my grandfather and had my mom. She may have had a tough start at life, but believe me she’s one lucky lady, she has lots of grandchildren who love her a lot and lives a comfortable life. She told me these tales some time back when she her memory was good. She is now very old, like in her early 80s. Physically very fit for someone her age, but hardly remembers our names, or even hers. But you would be so surprised to know that she still sings that song in tune and the verse she always sings is the last of that I’ve scribbled there. I guess true love never dies!