i’m losin it!!!

These straps on my hands tie me down

The lights in the room just annoys me

I try to lift my head and look with a frown

The blank white washed wall is all I see 

The more I try to understand

The more entangled I get

The more I try to lose my hand

The more painful it gets 

Why didn’t they believe me before?

I know they could have helped

I told them, I described, I swore

I cried, I pleaded I wept… 

no one saw what I saw,

no one heard what I heard

everyone thought it was my flaw

everyone thought I was a jerk 


7 Responses to “i’m losin it!!!”

  1. wa wa wa wa wa wa finifemna. i simply just love it!! this a excellent piece of work. the poem, the picture and everything. i just love it!! mwah mwah mwah!!

  2. whoa whoa..niiice ^_^

  3. “The more I try to lose my hand
    The more painful it gets ”
    nice words,
    If I can ask, what pain was this poem about?

  4. woowwww.. juts hama woooowww..
    varah reethi N varah furihama .. heevanee thi poem ge farudhaage furagaguga hageegatheh eba oi hen! ehenve dho ehaa reethi vefa kiyalaan ves faseyha ee .. hehe
    anyway gud work ingye 😀

  5. finifenmaa Says:

    @darkdays & sweet: thaaaaanx
    @rambler: she’s in an asylum
    @manippulhu: ahdhey… no farudhaas here! its simply fiction

  6. nice! realli nice hama WOW ingay hehe

  7. beautiful … finifenmaa.. all ive to say is WOW.. kewl piece (y)

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