I look at you…

this is dedicated to the my darling husband… baby, i love you 😉 


I look at you
As you touch my hair
You look at me
As I blush in flair

I look at you
Taking me in your arms
Makes me coo
Words of charm

You look at me
As I close my eyes
And tell you to take me
Further than the skies

I look at you
As you do everything right
You look at me
As I cry in delight

I look at you
As you hold me tight
Never let me go
I say to you tonight

You look at me
A smile on you face
As I fall asleep
In your sweet embrace



18 Responses to “I look at you…”

  1. nice 😉

  2. awww….now that is real sweet of u, sis!

    ur husband must b v proud of u ^_^

  3. He’s lucky to have someone like u.. Keep the spice up gal!!! 🙂

  4. wow hama obinovey ingay!! really nice..!! and sweet!

  5. Woowwww….romance still is in the air, live and kicking, in this deadly world dho..!!!!…On a lil more serious note..I’m really so, so happy for you 🙂

  6. awww..shoooo shweeeet 🙂

  7. oops..that was me just now :$

  8. wow..loaaaabi loaaaabi poem eh..can feel your love sys :)..thats very sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet 😀 :cuddle

  9. thanx alllllllllll!!! 😀 & im lucky to have him tooo!!

  10. wow… nice shweeet poem….

  11. ehehe nice one finifenma he would blush to death now 😛

  12. ehehehe, finifenma :D:D:D:D

  13. allaluya Says:

    hi finifenmaa, dats one of the great poem….may u both live happily together….

  14. People should read this.

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