This is a story that took place a long time back. Might be hard to believe, but its true… this is just a part of the full story, which I will continue in another post! Hope you like reading…

It was those days when leprosy was discovered in Male’ all those infected were taken to Hulhule’ and left there in isolation as it was believed to be a highly contagious disease. Medical explanation wasn’t required; it was just confirmed by people who ‘knew’ the disease.
Azeeza’s father was confirmed as infected by this deadly disease. Her mother was devastated as her husband was taken away. He pleaded from his elder son (assumed to be 16 yrs old) to take care of his siblings and mother. He held his head high, bid his family farewell and before they knew it, he was gone…
The sun to a new day rose, opening her eyes, Azeeza recalled the events of the day before. She was just 13 years old, but looked more mature. She was a pretty little girl blossoming into a beautiful woman. She wasn’t fair, had medium to dark complexion, curly locks, taller than most girls her age and her features were so perfect. She tried to close her eyes as the pain in her head from crying all night returned to haunt her. But her mother, now up and getting on with life called her to do her share of the chores. Azeeza wouldn’t let her mother down. She was an obedient daughter and sister. She started her routine chores. Before the sun’s rays strengthened as the morning would soon became noon, Azeeza went to the mosque by the palace, to fetch drinking water. She was admired by the sultan who was old enough to be her grandfather. He never approached or spoke to her, but she felt him look at her as she walked by with the ‘bandiya’ on her head everyday.
Days passed, things were getting tougher. Azeeza’s brother was trying hard to support the family, but he was just a kid too, it just wasn’t enough. After several months of living a hard life, to the delight of his brother and mother, the sultan asked for Azeeza’s hand in marriage. It was tough for them to decide, as she was still just their baby. But for her own good, and for the benefit that her family would receive, they decided to give away their daughter, their sister to the sultan in marriage. As he promised to take care of her and give her the best treatment a woman could receive. Soon the marriage took place. Little Azeeza was still a pretty little girl who hasn’t even reached her puberty but was married off to a man who was old enough to be her grandfather, for financial security.


7 Responses to “Destiny…”

  1. …waiting for the next part 😉

  2. what will happen next…waitin for it to continue

  3. Hope her fate brings her happiness…

  4. nice beginning…

  5. this is about () Great Grandmother

  6. thnx all…

    future: who’s great grandmother???

  7. nice one honey

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