bob with drums…

that’s Bob at the carinval stage last weekend, reaching out for the drums…. 

~thnx afey for the photo~


13 Responses to “bob with drums…”

  1. thats one kool boy i like his style..keep on bangin ..bang bang..dishoon dishoon..rock on

  2. Cool dude…!!! That was a fun day for the little guy dho.. 😀 …I can just see him grow up to be a handsome drummer..!!

  3. welcome! finifenma. it was fun to shoot him with ibbe. he has a nice time that day right.. met ibbe, addo and fasy. I remember the way he was when he saw fasy. Bobs a very nice and gifted kid. all the best

  4. be bem bobbyy!!!!!! U ROCK LIL CUZZ!!!!

  5. hey finifenma, ehehe nice pic.. so hows you doing long time not heard from u.. ehehe anyways tc 🙂

  6. @ BOB, u will become a pro drummer soon enough inshaa allah dear!! ehehe hope for the best u’ve got a kewl, loving and a caring mommy here with you, tc of her well after u grow up!! eheheh 🙂 hope u would get the chance to play side by side with ibbe 🙂

  7. perky: thnx… i luv guys with long hair… so there’s mine 😉

    pixsie: ya dho… isnt he handsome already

    tinkerbell: thnx

    afey: 😀 glad u guys were there.. i wudnt have gone up to them if i were alone with him.. too shy :$ and hey he was humming ‘your betrayal’ in his sleep that nite…

    Mrs Mozilla: thaaaanx

    lucifersangel: wow…thnx

  8. Its really great that you are supporting your son. (Iraadha kureiveeyaa) someday i will too. I would say in future he will make a name.oh by the way can i borrow him to drum for our practice sessions. ;-D i would like to take some picture.

  9. lifeand coffee: hehe ha cant really drum (yet) just a lil 2yr old interested in drums… thaaaaaaaaaanx

  10. best of luck for u lil sweet kid! ur gona ROCK someday! 🙂

  11. nice .. 1 day ur baby will tel u tht ur the best ..

  12. i hope so… 😀 thnx

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