This is the continuation of ‘destiny’… but not all of it!

She was taken to her new home, the palace, as she is now the Sultana. True to his word, he was kind to her. Gave her gifts, treated her with respect and love like no one else could. But she was just a young girl, but an obedient one at that. The Sultan wanted his new ‘wife’ to be literate. So he appointed tutors to teach her English, Dhivehi poetry & Arabic. Her family gained the benefits of her being ‘royal’ now. This is all at a high price. Their child was no more a child, she was a wife.

Days passed, a couple of months after her father was sent away, Azeeza’s mother was called into office. She was told that as her husband was infected with the contagious plague, and she had nursed him for some time before he was sent into exile, she was also ordered to move into isolation. It was but little consolation to know that a married couple could share a hut. But see no others. Azeeza was so hurt again. Although she was the Sultana it didn’t give her or her husband the power to change the decisions made from the office.
A couple of years later, she was pregnant. The Sultana had the heir in her belly. She was given all the luxuries. But she was lonely and unhappy. She had friends within the palace, but no one understood her pain and remorse, her loss, her loneliness. She gave birth to a healthy little baby boy. Though she had maids at every toe, she missed her mother so much. She pleaded from her husband to visit them just once. To let them hold her baby. He gave it lots of consideration, and finally decided that he would let her visit them. But he had very strict rules. She was allowed to visit them, but she had to stay in the little ‘bokkura’ at the lagoon, while her parents stood on the beach. They spoke; she removed her baby from the cloth and lifted him up so they could see him. Imagine…. That was the last she saw of her parents.


6 Responses to “fate…”

  1. what does the king have against her parents??

  2. do u have a continuation of this part?

  3. nass: nothing… he just didnt have the authority to change the decision made at the office

    darkangel: yeap believe me, it only gets better.. keep readin

  4. how curel…he is not fit to b a husband. :@

    aww, how sad life he is having….wish no one faces ne thing like that in maldives…and the world too ^_^

  5. huhh…who made that comment in my name?? it wasnt mee….. :s

  6. must be necrophagus 😛

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