true love never dies…

Continuation from ‘fate’… 

Azeeza grew up to be a strong willed beautiful young lady. Broke many hearts, but hey, she was the Sultan’s wife, they’d rather let their hearts be broken than have their necks broken for making a move on her. She was so young and innocent that she didn’t have any knowledge on how to raise a child. She tried though; she would try to dress up her baby every now and then. There was one incident when she had run the nappy pin through his skin, ouch! There were lots of other ladies (‘goma’s) at the palace who happily took charge in taking care of the young prince.

She loved her tutorial sessions, she soon learnt to read & write Dhivehi. She could understand and reply a little when spoken to in English, but reading was tough for her. Her favorite tutorial session of all was Dhivehi Poetry. It’s not just the subject, but the tutor too. Yes, she fell in love with her poetry tutor, who loved her back dearly. But she was married, though to an old man, he was her husband. You can’t really blame her for wandering away. But what she did was wrong. It was worse because she was the wife of the Sultan. They met in secrecy, went to the woods where no one went, had romantic moments that she’s so fond of. It wasn’t long before their secret was out in the open. She wanted to run off with her lover, but was it really her wish that mattered? No, for bringing disgrace to the Sultan, the unfortunate tutor had to take all the responsibility. He was banished to an island. While on the Dhoni, before it set sail, he wrote a poem which is now a well-known song, of which the following are some of the verses I know.

Mihiriyye haalakee ulhey, Kihineiy tha dhen hadhaanee

Jehifa mivaa gilan magey, Keehbaa va ey kuraanee…

Mee haadha loabi loaiybekey, Beevehjeyey athun magey,
Aharenge loabi dhekilumah, Mahusharu bimah he dhaanee

These articles are about my grandmother. The child she bore to the Sultan is my uncle. Grandma later married my grandfather and had my mom. She may have had a tough start at life, but believe me she’s one lucky lady, she has lots of grandchildren who love her a lot and lives a comfortable life. She told me these tales some time back when she her memory was good. She is now very old, like in her early 80s. Physically very fit for someone her age, but hardly remembers our names, or even hers. But you would be so surprised to know that she still sings that song in tune and the verse she always sings is the last of that I’ve scribbled there. I guess true love never dies!


21 Responses to “true love never dies…”

  1. hehe ehentha, wow what a story.. ehehe nice classic song u have got there. its ur family story… 😐 nice inge.. 😀

  2. guess that’s what true love really is….

    it never ever dissolves through the years you pass…

    cool story !!! 🙂

  3. true love has died before …
    and it will die again and again …
    if it doesnt die … there is something wrong with it …

  4. wow…thats a touching story…you are a great story teller..!!! 😀 really enjoyed it…But how come you never told me that story before :O

  5. end of the story, huh?

    BTW, luved the sentence “they’d rather let their hearts be broken than have their necks broken” 🙂

  6. Sure they never dies.. and they never live either.. Very spoiling..

  7. thaaaanx all for stopping by and also for commenting! 😀

    sounds like some of u’ve had a tough love life. and i stress the point that nothing’s the same for every1. there are exceptions. but i guess my grandma has proved that love only grows with time!

    thnx again

  8. nice love story and knowing that it was a true one and something which happened to you! really touching.. blessings for ur grandma from me…she was a poor lil kid wen she was small 😦

  9. Give it up to Azeeza.. coool.. They sure do, experience is the key thingy..

  10. very well told sys.. beautiful!! very very touching story..may she meet her love one day,up there in heaven 🙂

  11. cool one.. intresting

  12. Interestin post… tru luv.. aaah.. hehe

  13. And yea, coool story!

  14. touching story…:D

  15. allaluya Says:

    very touching piece ….wow…

  16. i just cudnt wait without commenting!

    very touching.. brought some tears too :S

    niice.. =)

  17. wow
    so that old song do have a history after alll
    who could have thought that

  18. wow touching ! wonderful story and tell me more ehe

  19. Hey all… my name really is azeeza lol..i was just doing some research on my name and i found this page… really interesting story you got there.. i feel honored that my name belonged to a sultans wife … i must agree love is not easy.. if it were then it wouldn’t be love now would it….

  20. Hi I liked that story especially because it is true. 🙂 🙂

  21. Hi :-))

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