Are mermaids real?


Mermaids, the half fish half human creatures, we see them on movies & cartoons, read about them in books, and it makes me wonder, do they really exist? Or is it just some myth all made up. There are people, most commonly sailors but others too who claim to have seen a mermaid every now and then. People have claimed to have seen mermaids even in quite recent times. When 70% of our earth is water, the mermaid being said to live in the seas, it would be hard to say in certain that there are no such things as mermaids, as there’s lots of the sea still left unexplored. But there are scientific justifications against mermaid existence. Scientists say the vertebral structure from fish to human is too different to form a hybrid species.

They are at times described in different ways. They are said to have long beautiful hair (at times green, blue, orange, and black) and full breasts. But on the contrary, sometimes mermaids are described to have dull faces, and long teeth. They are also said to swim close to ships which have loud music (mermaids like music). They are almost always spotted sitting on a rock at the sea, either combing their hair, or singing for their lost love. And quickly disappear into the sea if/when they realize they are seen.

I also wonder, are mermaids vicious beasts or tame creatures. They are portrayed differently on different occasions. In Greek mythology, Sirens are said to hypnotize sailors with their beautiful voices and make them wreck their ships. But also on the other hand, the mermaid ‘Ariel’ in the cartoon is portrayed to be a helpful one who saves the drowning prince.

The last but not the least, I went through a lot of articles, but didn’t come across any which included any testimonials from persons who had spotted a handsome merman. Wonder why! 😉


43 Responses to “Are mermaids real?”

  1. hmm hmm..i have nuthing to say cx i hav no idea abt this =s

  2. i they realy exist somebody might have seen it.. and the other thing is how to they.. u kno have sex..after all half of there body is fish… if they cant that means only a handful of them are created.. duh..imagination can get you any where.

  3. aii aii mermaids eyy… finifenma are u one?? ehehe aii aii:D dhen amayaii dhooo :p ehehe anyways hows u been!!! ehehehehe long time no seee.. missed uu dear!!!!

  4. mermaids dont exist dho. they say people confuse a creature called manatee for mermaids… those things look like humans…

  5. I saw a mermaid.she is so beautiful but it was in my dream.Actually,they don’t exists in real world,so sad..

  6. ain…mermaids dhoo.. sheesh im too shy to comment anythn hhehhehe…

  7. I believe mythical and mystical stories has some fascinating truths in them…who knows, somewhere, somehow, deep in that great ocean, may live colonies of mermaids and merman…

  8. shweet: thnx for dropping by

    frozen solid: erm uh.. how’d fish do it? maybe that way..

    LucifersAngel: aaai aaai ehennama maja vaane dho…

    nass & version beta: maybe they exist, maybe they dont… u can never b too sure

    darkangel: too shy??? eio?

    pixsie: thnx luv

    thnx all for takin the time to read my blog

  9. It’s another creation of sex opressed minds of men… kinda hallucination…they r out at sea for long, their homones wild, and erm they start seeing things!

    They don’t really exist honey.

  10. eheh darkangel maybe cause, they are topless and their boobs are being seen?? lol is that why u are shy!!??

  11. Mermaids.. I dnt believ in them!

  12. hehehee.. finifenmaa.. eyga aslu hurihaa lazzathakaa foni kameh onnanee firihenunnashey.. ehen v ma vaa goi aee.. ehen v ma aslu marmaids ves aee firihenunah takaa ufadhdhavaafa oi echhakaa vaththareee,.,, hhhehe

  13. niish: gud explaination…

    lucifersangel: dhen dho..

    waylander: now now are u sure

    manippulhu: in ur dreams

    thnx alll!!!!

  14. Mermaids are supposedly to be cannibals 😀 isnt that fascinating? I mean, imagine, what else would they eat in the ocean if not raw fish and lost sailors?

  15. eww… gosh….never thought about it that way….hmm, maybe they must be vegetarians.. sea weeds and sea plants, you know….or maybe they eat spinach… 😀

  16. hehehe niice article..just dropped by..i dun think i believe in mermaids…

  17. hahhaha y i was shy dho…cuz necrophagus once told me that he saw a mermaid and i totally believed him…he talked to me so seriously i totally believed what he told…so thats why im shy hehe….
    he would ROFL if he ever reads this comment i know how much he still teases me abt this mermaid stuff….ehhehe

  18. hmm… maybe if women had been sailin they might have encountered merman… finifenmaa hingaa al gals crew eh hadhaigen sail kuran dhamaa.. in hope of seein a merman;)

  19. so much pressure in head? try disposing them on to a friend.. 🙂 helps a lot. if 1 is not enough try a few other ones. but make sure u talk to the right ones. 🙂

  20. velvette: brrrr… now thats a creepy thought

    pixsie: hehe spinach? underwater??? ehehe

    anuihs: thnx, nice u dropped by… (i dont think i do either)

    DarkAngel: i didnt tell him! 😀

    angel: hingaa dhaan… all aboard!

    Necrophagus: hehe i feel devilish

    eythimeethi: ey nubai article akah comment kuree… heheheh

  21. dhen alheyyy…sailers like popay will fall in love with mermaids and gift them spinach ey..!! kekeke

  22. i do want them to be real. every time i travel i just starer at the sea hoping for something amazing to happen. u never know.

  23. DORIS JONES Says:

    i dont no if mermaids exist or not.but i wonder about it .could be GOD SAYS HE MADE CREATURES U NEVER SEEN.BUT I WOULD LIKE 2 SEE ONE .1DAY

  24. This is soooo enchantingly beautiful! =)

  25. yes mermaids exist alright, otherwise the’d be no stories about them- either that or they existed in the time of greek mythology and don’t any more….

  26. I duno dey cud b real cuz der are lots of prts of da world tht hav not bin dscvr yt.

  27. I think that mermaids are real! No matter what people say. If people know and knew about them before us that means they are real! I know this sounds crazy! There are mermaids!

  28. Well talking about mermaids. I forgot to tell you all that, I AM A MERMAID! I know it’s crazy and noone will believe me but it is true! I am a Mermaid of the seven seas. The goddes of the sea, Narulasy Ochy gave me the necklace witha white pearl! So everytime when a person is in danger I come to rescue them! I am the guardian of all the seas! It is true. Just believe me! I live in Portsmouth! In United Kingdom!

  29. i only wanna to say i believe.

  30. you guys are retarded what the hell does fouihrrt84938 fricken mean. oh and yeah i like mermaids. and people say they are this feeji mermaid which some chineze crazy ass retard made them a long time ago which are like half monkey and half giant fish. he dried them up and threw a bunch in the sea. dey are ugly thangs!! peace

  31. liz lyssa and nick Says:


  32. im a mermaid mix your DNA with fish

  33. Motocrosschic Says:

    My mind is always open but i am split in to two

    65% yes

    35% no

    so well i guess it is possible

  34. Sabrina Says:

    Mermaids are real i saw one in Hawaii!

  35. Sabrina Says:

    I saw it , it was really pretty


  37. If you think about it, alot of “Myths” have been proven to be right.

    Giant squids for example. They thought those were a myth. In September 2004 they caught one on camera. The same with Colossal squids. They have washed up on beaches all over the world.

    coelocanths (a fish) HAD to be extinct… then we found one in 1938.

    We, as a world, have not studied every inch on the ocean. i doubt we ever will. But until we do, we will not know.

    I think they exist in some form. Maybe not the exact half woman half fish that sailors had described, but some form.

  38. mmmmm, i have olso been hearing abt the news of mermaids, i believe it because soo many pple are saying they saw it, but i have not, still i believe it.
    the are describe to be very pretty with long hair, because anything with a name exist!!


  40. how to be a mermaid i wanna be one and where to see one i live in england london

  41. heather dabbs Says:

    hi i love mermaides

  42. holland Says:

    i think people HAVE seen mermaids, but get mind erased by the last mermaid words of thier song, and some mermaids can make the people on the boat forget how to do things and the ship wreck started.

    some have the potential to look ugley and scary as overlooked in harry potter 4, some have the potential to looks flawless, basiclly man fell in love with a fish and ran away when the mermaid was born….. the only way to have a mermaid give birth to another mergirl or merboy is fish style……..

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