So confused…


How do I know that this is the right choice?


I’m so damn confused…


I try to listen to the tiny voice


But I guess that’s also confused





I know where I am, isn’t where I should be,


But how do I begin to understand


Should I just run, should I flee


Oh, I need to understand.





I made so many mistakes in life


So many years I have wasted


I try to make it all alright,


What if I get more wasted?





Time is valuable I know,


This is why it’s so important,


To make the right decision,


How do I decide what’s important.





I just need to sort all this out,


Before I make the next move,


Right or wrong I want to know,


As I make this next move.


9 Responses to “So confused…”

  1. right now i’m also confused… about this whole murder thing… who’s telling the truth.. nobody knows…

  2. oops. i commented on the wrong article. 🙂 go look the mermaid one. heheheh thats supposed to be to this article.

  3. Trust your instincts..follow your heart…most of the time it tells you the best thing to do…..have to keep fighting dho… Ummwah

  4. hmmm, im confused too finifenma.. confused about everything.. the only thing thats keeping me alive is my mom, lilbro and the love of my life.. its good that they are here for me…

    And be sure to think before u act finifenma.. its hard to take big steps in life as its hard to take a nother step in life.. so be sure of what ya doing out there..

    tc and lotsa regs to BOB

    may god be with u!!

  5. allaluya Says:

    finifenmaa, jus listen ur heart…do what you think is right…jus make sure that u take the correct decision dear….tc….best of luck…

  6. thanx all… u guys are so sweet 😀

  7. think before u make the next move… think ahead…:)
    best of luck!

  8. thinkin…. just hoping i make the right decision… 😀

  9. This is exactly how I am feeling. If I were to write my feelings down, I’d have written the same thing – verbatim!

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