show me what you feel


Why do you find it so hard to say ‘sorry’?


Why aren’t you ready to take the blame?


If I hurt you baby, “I’m truly sorry”


If I was wrong, I’m ready to take the blame…




Why don’t you more often say ‘I love you’?


Are you too scared to show that you do?


Darling, here I am saying “I love you”


After so much time passed, I still do.




No words could ever express


The love, in depth, for you I feel


Why don’t you also express


If it’s the same that you feel?



11 Responses to “show me what you feel”

  1. alhey..haadha dheravaa poem eh… dont worry he express his love for u if he truly loves u…dont loose hope 🙂

  2. hehe… thnx darkangel… my guy expresses his feelings…. this is just an imaginary poem..
    thnx for ur concern though, shows u care! 😀

  3. finifenmaa..ekamu heevanee thikan ves kommes varakah thajuribaa kohfa hurihen .. life ge kommes hisaaabakun! hehe

  4. ehehe nice poem finifenma.. long time no heard of u.. tc 😉

  5. allaluya Says:

    salhi poem eh…..keep on writing..gudluk..

  6. I’m not scared to show my feelings…here I am saying “you are a great friend..!!” 😀

  7. ya feelings express nukurevenya aslu vara misunderstanding problems create vaane. bae faharu heevany mihaaru loabi nuvany henves dho. eyga enme rangalhu gothakee abadhuves ekaku anekakuge feelings tha express kuryma. coz tats wat i do. tc see ya

  8. manippulhu: maybe konmes zamaanehgga veekanneynge dho

    lucifersangel: thnx, u too

    allaluya: thnx 🙂

    pixsie: thnx luv :cuddle

    offb3at: 🙂

    aisha: ya true

    thnx all!!!

  9. finifenmaa kobaa salhi post eh kohllabala.. komme dhuvahaku aaa post eh feneytho haadha bodu inthixaarekey kuran mi jehenee !

  10. oh wow manippulhu… im so honored to know i got a regular visitor! 😀 hope u like my new post!

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