Thank you!

This poem is for those people who have been so supportive to me…

Things have gone terribly wrong
I have tried and tried to be strong

Everything seems to tumble down
As I sit here watching with a frown


Decisions, so hard to make
I feel, like I’m putting my life at stake


Dreams yet to be made true
Trying hard, without feeling blue


Your HOPE has been with me all along
It has kept me going this long


Your LOVE gives me the strength
As I walk miles & miles in length


Thank you all for being there by me,
I will make it through, just wait and see!


13 Responses to “Thank you!”

  1. hai by thanking you are making a gap bitween u and ur friends in my point of view any ways the poem is realy nice

  2. i wont say that, coiton. i mean it’d be good to get a thanx once in a while… even if the person is ur best friend.

  3. yea, and remember we are always here for you 😛 finifenma no matter what!! 🙂 anyways this is the best poem i have ever came up with in a blog!! So you have been away eh? finifenma.. and its good to have you back!! welcome back! have a great upcoming month and have a nice day!! tc

  4. simple and so sweet…you are really a poet you know..;)

  5. hey finifenmaa.. THnkss.. varah salhi poem eh!!!
    dhonkanbulo haas kandaalaa.. komme kameh dhimaaviyas hama aharumen mithibee kamanaa aa eku … kamana ah ufaleh libihiyyaa emme kruin hinithun vaanee hama aharumen dho!! N hithaama eh libijjiyaa hama emme kurin ves roanee aharumen ingey!! e dhuvahakun aharunge kondu thah onnan ingey finifenmaa boa alhaalan hama hulhuvaalevifa :D:D:D

  6. will guide you, help you, be beside
    at times of trouble when you need the most
    will wipe the tears and cheer you up
    you deserve to smile

    keep your chin high;
    for you are strong
    for you faced it all
    for you try, try and never give up

    pleasure to help the friend
    who helped me the most
    a thank you, you deserve
    for you guided me
    for you helped me
    for you were my hope when i almost gave up

    Thank you sys, 😀 :cuddle

  7. Niiiiiiice….Thats the spirit girl…Don’t give up hope!

  8. coition: opinions differ… as i see it, thanking shows u appreciate 😀 thnx for coming by

    nass: v got the same view then dho? 😉

    lucifersangel: wow.. thnx… ya, gud to b bak

    maldivianpoet: thnx :$

    manippulhu: glad to know i found a gr8 friend… 😀 kondeh beynumiyyaa angaalaanan ingey 😀

    sid: aww thnx… thats so sweet of u :$ :cuddle glad i cud b arnd to help u

    niish: thnx… 😀

    appreciate u guys popping in… 😀

  9. Is it possible to dedicate your poem to you?? Thank you so much for being my friend… (K) 😀

  10. no no no no… write me a poem in your blog!! hehe… thnx luv!

  11. nass different people think in different ways dhooooo

  12. kewl post finifenmaa… *speechless*

  13. where do you get the idea for this piece?

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