Sleep tight sweetie…

What could be a more pleasant sight,
Than watching you sleeping tight?

Cradling my dear in my arms,
Praying you’ll be safe from all harm.

I’ll always be here with the guiding light
Even at times as dark as the night
I caress your lovely baby skin
And give a little kiss to your chin
Listen to this loving lullaby I hum, 
For you my angel, from your loving mom.


16 Responses to “Sleep tight sweetie…”

  1. Ummah to that sleeping little baby,
    May god bless him and may he grow up to be a wonderful person…aamin

  2. so cute!

  3. awwwww… sweetie looks soooooooo cute in her sleeep

    I miss my mummy :'(( *waaargh*sniff

  4. wwooowwww.. aharenge faraathun hama UMAMAA eh dheebala baby ah!

  5. pixsie: sure will…. thnx

    nass: just like his mom 😉

    rannamaari: u supposed to differentiate guys & gals dho? its a HE… 😀 thnx for the comment though

    manippulhu: yageenennun 🙂

  6. shhhh!!!..he might wake up 😉
    looky hes so cute dhoa..sound asleep..*awwa* 🙂

  7. aii aiii!!!! BOB haadha loaibbey and even better in the CQ magazine 😀 ehehe i took that photo and put in my photo roll in ma room!! ehehe its kewl.. hes in a harley davidson 😀 ooooh a biker ehh!! .. ehehe i want a kid just like that!! whos super kewl and naughty sometimes 😀 ehehe its gonna be kewl.. so hows bob doing? fine eh? alright… kewl!! tc deaR!!! all regs to bob! 😀

  8. @Rannamaari, now u might be doing something called ” fuck fithaning ” don’t mind.. cause we all does that at times 😛

  9. now now watch ur language…

  10. sid: hehe… loabi dho

    lucifersangel: u recognised him dho? salhi… hope ur dreams come true

  11. alheyy haadha shwwwweeet koshey eothee nidhaalaaafa!! finifenmaa ur a lucky mom ingay! for havin such a shweeet baby and the baby is also sooo lucky he got such a caring mom!!! awwww i wish i can get a kid like that someday! 🙂 wish him all the best u sweet lil kid!!!! hehe

  12. Finifenma: how can’t i hes the cutest badest, the most coyote drummer i have ever seen ever!! eheh an the tiniest!! he is soo cute in his sleeps… i wanna just hold his cheeks and just squeeeeeez it.. aii aii :$ dhen amayaii!! ehehe, hes so cuddlyy

  13. Wow!! Pure Perfect chain of words. Good one.

  14. nice peom, liked the words,… 🙂

  15. ohh mee gawwd. thats such a cute cute adorrrable baby!!!

  16. Very true indeed. And nicely presented. Seeing your own child in sleep gives us so much happiness and always reminds us of our responsibilities. May Allah bless your family.

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