Bob’s day out…

We make it a point to take bob out on Fridays… We consider that the family day, unless someone gets bz. We had the usual outing last Friday, but as Bob didnt sleep the afternoon, we decided to make it a short one as he would soon feel sleepy. So we went to a shop and then to Seagull, but he had hoped to go to Skippy.  Once we entered Seagull he was so frustrated, he said he didnt even want ice-cream hehe.. but i knew that it was just because he was already feeling sleepy and getting all irritated due to it.

Look at him expressing his irritation…

then his disappointment…

and then zzzzzzzzzzz…


13 Responses to “Bob’s day out…”

  1. alhey wow.. sooooooooooooooooo cute… and baila dhoa all expressions so cute dhoa..ey ekamu bob did some thing i couldn but so want to… sleeep in seagull..bob you are my new hero 😀

  2. bob! sleeping on my favorite table at seagull! :S

  3. cute!!!!!!! luv the 1st picture…

  4. lovely… dhen egothah ma ves nidhaalaa hivvanee.. coooooooolu its so adorable.. and lovable and cutable and baybeable and everyable 😀 kooool

  5. one of the cutes’t kids i’ve ever seen………..

  6. ehhehe loaaaaabi!! hes sho shweeeet hehhe…. haadha loabi ey hadhaa goi goi dho… ehenney vaane skippy ah nugendhiyaema!! 😛 hehhe

  7. sid: yay… my kid beat u…

    afey: 😛

    nass: sleeping like the baby he is dho?

    lucifersAngel: thnx 😀

    absolutezero: wow thnx

    darkAngel: so pissed off… mianna weekend ga, inshah allah.. hehe 😀

    thnx alll…

  8. hehehe…cute..!!

  9. finifenmaa dheke varah rulhi aissa meenee ingey! e soru beynun vaa thanah nugoss finifenmma beynun thanah dhiyaeema vaanee thihenney!! aharun emmen ge loabi vaa bobss nindhavaalaafa eynage ice-cream kolhuves finifenmaaa dho kaalee :@:@@:@:2
    hehehehe .. anywya he is so cuteeeeeeeeeee .. hehe

  10. pixsie: thnx 😀

    manippulhu: alhe manippulhu thihen nuhadhaa rulhi is nukurey… dhen kuriah annan oiy post ah inthizaaru kollaa…

  11. cutenesssss!! 🙂

  12. pikzzz cuteeez

  13. u’ve got a cute kid!!!!

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