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I love to read mystical stories & mythology (mostly Greek), the creatures and the stories they are linked to are fascinating. Whoever came up with the stories sure have a wild imagination, sometimes makes me wonder if they were once true, or if they really exist in another dimension.

The unicorn is one my favorite mythical creatures.  The white horse with a horn on its head is what people usually picture as a unicorn. But the ‘real’ unicorns have a goatie, a lion’s tail and cloven hooves.

Unicorns definitely are good. The peaceful creature symbolizes purity, protection, safety … all good! They are supposedly tame beauties.  Beauties is true, these white creatures, look at that they’re beautiful…. And btw, I lurv the cartoon ‘The Last unicorn’ and the theme song of the cartoon.



where ever he goes, he finds his passion!

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We were at Mount Lavinia Hotel… the kids were at the pool. My sister and i were having a chat when a band brought their instruments and started to arrange them. Bob came along, and wudnt leave the place… the guys thought he was cute to have such passion, and gave him the sticks… poor people around trying to rest… hehe!!! check these out!



happy bob!!!

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Look at my deary wearing his McDonalds cap….


my love for you insatiable….

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I’m trying and trying and no matter how much I try, it’s just useless. I can’t get myself to sleep; I just can’t keep my eyes closed, I keep opening my eyes to see if you’re still next to me, if i’m still home, if its already morning and time for me to leave. Oh I’ll miss you so much darling.


I want to stay awake besides you,
Cos I don’t want to miss a second,
I want to stay here watching you,
As minutes fade into the last seconds…

I want to hold you everyday,
I just don’t want to let you go,
I would fry eggs for you everyday,
If I didn’t have to go.

I hope you enjoy some alone time,
As we take this journey of ours,
And we will be back in no time,
To be together as a family, that we call ours…


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This has got to be one the Toughest decisions I have EVER made in my life. I have always been the level headed person, who always said she would be independent. Well that’s exactly what I’m trying to be, but then hey, this is a HUGE risk. I am so damned, people have made it a whole lot tougher…. I wish they’d be more supportive. Average Maldivians are just cynical & so, so criticizing.
Here I am sitting alone in my room, thinking what my future would turn out to be. I know I know, don’t be bothered you’d say, but I am wondering if this is the right choice. I sure hope so, because tomorrow (that’s technically today) is my last day at work, and then ta-daaa I’m a stay at home mom. I know my kid is going to be so happy that I’m there 24/7. And then I wonder, is he going to feel the same amount of sadness when his mom can’t afford to buy him gifts like she used to? I don’t intend to just stay as a stay –at-home mom, I want to be more than that; I want to be a working-from-home mom. Oh I wish I have enough courage to get this through, and finish this course, so that I could work from home and be with Bob and my hubs. This is a decision I made with the support of my husband, but then, leave him and go away for a 6month training abroad. I was being very positive, but then, there came people who criticize, leaving my husband, they don’t approve. Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh…
Whatever, I’ve come to this decision, and I hope I’m brave enough to get through!

Would I make my baby happy?
Could I be the perfect mom?
Could I keep my family merry?
Am I being just plain dumb?

I wonder if I should turn and run.
Back to the place that I have been
Should I go back, make things undone?
I don’t know what to feel.

I wish you all a journey safe and long,
At this place I would so miss
Feel the love and feel you belong,
This place definitely is bliss.

(That last verse was for my co-workers, I’ll miss you all)

I neeeed privacy!!!

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In most countries, when a couple decides to get married, the first thing they’d do is, buy themselves a house, apartment… etc, they get themselves a place where they could call their own, a place where they are going to be the heads of their future family. But unfortunate for us, this place where we call home, is the place where our parents (or on occasions grandparents) began their married lives, got kids, and still probably are living. In some of the houses in Male’ we find two to three generations of families living together. Three or more siblings each couple bear, imagine. We have no space to move out to. No space to build a home. Renting, don’t even get me started on that. So many issues arise as so many people need to share the tiny living space.

For me, being married and having a son, its toughest when people tend to criticize the way I do my everyday chores for my husband and the way people criticize on how I raise my kid. My husband and I agree on taking care of our son together. Together in the sense, I’m not the only one who is ‘entitled’ to shower, clean, nurture, feed our son. Being a family means, the dad should take an almost equal share of the everyday chores in taking care of our child. But it is ridiculed among the elders. The way we do things, the things we do, the mere fact that we want to raise our kid the way we want and not the way people have been practicing it is mocked. The fact I let my son’s hair grow, I let my baby run free at the park instead of guiding him as to what to do, the fact my husband eat selected foods that I prepare, he babysits while I have a night out, I get my baby to pick up his toys when done playing, it’s all ridiculed. Hoping for the day when I could go to a place where I could be my own boss or hoping for the day people would let me carry on with my responsibilities, and them, mind their own.

Happy Children’s Day!!!

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Hey all u lil fellas out there, Happy Children’s Day!!!

Wanted to share a couple of pix of this pretty little witch… that’s Auwa, Bob’s cousin, dressed up as a witch for her school Children’s Day Celebrations… Hope you like them..