drum some more….

As all of you (those who have read my posts on bob) would know, my 2yr old son is fascinated about drums. He’d drum on everything and anything. When he talks about drums, he associates it with Ibbe’ (FasyLive) probably because he developed this interest after watching the show (which has now become his all time favorite). Which is why we brought Ibbe’ to him once and then took Bob to Ibbe’s practice room, hoping he’d be satisfied, but NO… like all humans, this little guy just wanted more.
Well, anyway, we got hold of Hustho this time (for those who don’t know him, he is a drummer too, I don’t know his real name or anything, he is a very close friend’s friend). He was so kind to have this little guy with him for about an hour or so, an hour much enjoyed by bob, appreciated by me & dreaded by anyone who heard those ‘bangs’. He banged on them as hard as he could and imitated his idol & also sang ‘Rising’ throughout! Here are some pics…

That’s Hustho showing him how it should be done…

& that’s bob showing Hustho how he does it…

& that’s Afey saving his face from getting beaten…

Drumming his heart out…

Imitating Ibbe’…

Thanks to Sid, Hustho, Afey & Sinoo! 


16 Responses to “drum some more….”

  1. Awwww. Bobby u r gonna grow up to be a better drummer than anyone else… Rock on dude…… lve: Beybes

  2. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!! kewl pics finifenma!! 🙂

  3. He is on the right track with the right people!.. and look at that banner behind him….”FASYLIVE”…. bob must be proud. To play on the same drums that ibbe’ plays. hey and finifenma, remember the thing he does to his hair.. Way to go bob… hehe and he stops drumming to see if everyone claps. heheh.. BOBBY!!!

    Hurihaa Kudhin Clap Clap

  4. Cool pics.. And thats hussein.. hehe

  5. hehe.. young prodigy huh 😉

  6. cooooool kid uve got!!! wish him all the best!! *CLAPsssss*

  7. oh! he is one of the cutest boys i have ever seen. Does he really play very well? i really want to hear him playing. why don’t ya record da muxic wen he plays and post it. and pls let me know. tc. salaamz to ur smart boy.

  8. Uzain, ~lucifer~: thnx 😀

    Afey: hehe… aaan dho the hair thing as he plays drums dho… cant blame him, he’s just imitating vat he sees

    Waylander: u knw him??? kewl guy dho? 😀

    nass: 😀

    DarkAngel: thnx 😀

    Aisha: thnx, heck no he cant play… he just loooves drums and imitates vat he sees on the TV… cant really play…. i wish he’d play one day, if thats vat he really wants!

    thnx all…

  9. Such a sweet kid… love his hair too… I can’t wait to have a son..waitaminit… there are more to be done BEFORE that!!!

  10. wow..!! cool..!! 😀 Wish I was there to see him play..!

  11. ladies and gentlemen.. please welcome on the drums bob!! “huthaatheen pap pap” 😀 … wish you best of luck little fellow.. may god bless you and may all your dreams come true

  12. hahha.. finifenmaa.. eba rangalhue vey! ekamu dhen faharakun bob govaagen beyrah dhaan vaane aharunnah angaalaafa..eyrah aharun hurihaa emmen dhaanna bob hop hop hop kian pompom hifaagen inegy!!
    finifenmaa. insha aallah kommes dhuvahakun bob akee kulhadhaan drummer akah vaane..

  13. awwww be bem bob!!!!

    lil angel’s having such a great time!!

    u go bob!!

    wish i was there. hehehe..

    he’s so cute!! like when bob was all excited over ibbe when he saw him at the hithaanee at our place dhoa. hehehe..

    miss ya guys!

  14. BOB….drum ur life dude…rite onn…hehehe

  15. BOB.. ur gona rock the world… go on bob…

  16. go drums 🙂

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