missing you already…

As the sun rises and shines its warm rays,
I open my eyes and see your warm gaze,

At the start of each busy working day,
I answer the phone & “I love you” you say,

I shed a tear, as I think of my troubles
You hold me, and my love for you doubles,

You hold me as I cry, not out of grief,
But out of sheer love and great relief

What would I do, if I didn’t have you near?
What would I do without you my dear…?

Darling, I love you and will miss you like crazy!!


15 Responses to “missing you already…”

  1. how do you get these ideas! i shud really appreciate this peice.! well written

  2. WoooOOW finifenmaa!!! awesomee…its sooo short but soooo shweeeet!! hama obinovey ingay…ur hubby wud be realli realli proud of ya!! cuz he got a sweeeet wify like u!! once again kewliooo post!

  3. A very sweet one…

  4. hama bunaane ehchhe neygigen meenee faadakah soni vetttifa.. finifenmaa varah reethi ingey thi poem ..
    shujaau .. dhen vaane gothakee meeehaku dheke evarah loabi v ma hithuge adin nukunnaanee varah munaasabu bas thakaa Khiyaalu thakennudho ..
    fiinifemmaa.. alhe thi muduwakuge ehen gaheh neytha???????

  5. wow..varah salhi sys..simple yet so meaningful and so so beautiful… im sure he would miss you too

  6. pixsie Says:

    Thats beautiful..! 🙂

    I can actually see him smiling now..!! hehehe

    But we all will miss you too 😦 😦

  7. pixsie Says:

    Thats beautiful..! 🙂

    I can actually see him smiling now..!! hehehe

    But we all will miss you too 😦

  8. ~angel~ Says:

    ooh really sweet touchy poem…:D

  9. born with the talent dho?:P

    varah nice ^_^

  10. s[u]jau: its straight from the heart

    DarkAngel: oh woweee… 😀 thnx, and im lucky to have him

    niish: thnx 🙂

    manippulhu: ehenthaa dho vaanee… ekamu fun kamun feenaigen ves nuhoadhunu maana eh… alun thila koh bunelabala

    sid: thnx, yeah im sure he wud

    pixsie: yea… he was grinning from ear to ear really… and if he wasnt so dark, i’m sure he’d b all pink 😉

    ~angel~: thnx

    Fureeeeeku: hehe :$ thnx

  11. heheh finifenmaa lolzz.. mi bunee thi kahala ehen anhen kujjeh neyheyyye:: :P:P .. firin dheke thi varah loabivaa.. finifenmaa aa mrsgodzillaa men thihiree hama namoonaa meehun viyya fiirin dheke loabi vumuga .. heehehehe

  12. manippulhu: hmmm ehentha… finifenmaa & mrs godzilla ge ei aailee kameh kanneynge nun dho??? hehe… hunt eh jahanikoh fenidhaane…

  13. Ur baby is sooo cute! 😀

  14. @ velvette: hehe… so u did recognise… explains why u were gawking ;P hehe… thnx…. 😀

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