Words of Wisdom

 During pregnancy, I read a lot of ‘how to’ & ‘guide’ handbooks on babies, toddlers, children. And when it comes to learning new stuff, they always say ‘let your child take his/her own time’ as there is no specific age for any kid to master the art of anything. It comes naturally, at different stages for different children. Bob was pretty early on everything; teething (so was weaned early), sitting, walking… etc. but when it came to speech, he was a little slow than the pace he took on everything else. But like the books told me, I ‘let him take his own time’.

In this journey of mastering the art of speech, here are some words Bob made up, although he now knows what they are really called, he uses some of these words he made up, I guess to add a little ‘personal touch’.

Drums   – be bem
Sticks (drum)  – gankulhi (as in ‘dhandikolhu’)
Whatever  – vateyo
Hurihaa kudhin – huhthaatheen
Bob the Builder – Bo they theyn  
Clap    – pap
Ayyo aparaadhe – ayyo apabaadhe (he caught some Sinhalese while he was in Lanka for a week on vacation.)
Incy Wincy Spider – Intheepai (had to work 3 whole days before we discovered what it was)
Bismillah  – Bismilla Mithaneen
Saabahey  – Thaabayyey
Dhontha  – Nonni (aunt)
Loabbe   – Bubbe (uncle)
I love you  – I valloo

Now, at the age of 2yrs and 3mths, bob is a real talker, really. Whenever I’m on the phone, he’d imitate me, repeat everything. He calls his parents, aunts, uncles and even grandparent by their name. And don’t even try to get me started on how he makes up songs to the frequently heard tunes 😀  Vateyo!


18 Responses to “Words of Wisdom”

  1. good stuff. god bless little bob u too and mode.
    😀 cheers

  2. huththaatheen ge faraathu pap papa pap bobbbbbbbbb ..
    bob thaabayyey thi kuraa hihvarah ingey!!
    hehehe .. ;p;z finifenmmaa hunnanee heehee halaakuvefa dho!!
    bob we all valooooooooooooooooooooooo igey!
    hehe haadha loabbey dho foanu hifaaagen innna iru.. varah seriosu vefa heevane office ehge veriyeh innevihen ..

  3. hehehhe finifenmaa nice words!!! and manippulhu..lol..nice comment ingay!
    so me starting….bismilla mithaneen…
    pap pap pap pap pap!!!! yeah we all vallooo u bob!! hehehehe..and yeah he looks so serious in that pic!!! like he is signing off some deal! hehehe!!! u got a funny kid ingay…my little bro (cuzin) he used to make lotsa funny words like that too… for i love u he sayss ayyabuyya… and now that is my code wen i have to say i love u to ma boy on the phone while im near ma boss or teacher lolz… nice code lang for me! i use them a lot tooo..and emeehunnah vaahaka dhakka dhakka gos egotha vaahaka dhekkeni gina faharah!! im sure u also talk like that sometimes dho finifenmaa!! heehee…anyways cute lil fella u got!! wish u all the best in ya life bob!!!! Thaabayyey!!!

  4. my frends daughter says everytime wen i call her “you make me funny” and she is only 2 and a half years old.

    hehe it goes to ur son too ” he makes me funny”

  5. pixsie Says:

    What abt gindhurube, santhi mary and stuff??

    Hehe sweet Bob, hes learnin fast..!! Ummah to Bob..!

  6. hehe huthaatheen pap pap.. 😀 hehe yea sys pixsie noted some stuff you missed..mihen add kuran vejje aamun onnaane dhoa baaaaaaaaaiivaru hehe .. me was so amazed to have a conversation with bob the other dayvarah majaaa :D.. may god bring the best for your family sys 🙂

  7. DarkAngeL heehhee lol … kokkomenge sababun ehen v ma haadha faidhaa ekey dho thi naganee.. keke lolz emme fahun dark nimmaalamun bunefa oi ethi mashah jehunee mulhin liyun feshigen kiyaagen hoadhan kekeke lolsssss .. well aharenge kokko ehves mohamedbe kiyan vegen kee UMMADUBE lolss still salhi nick name akah vefa onnanee.. hehehehe hehheehehhe..

  8. allaluya Says:

    wow…nice one finifenmaa…loabi bob..he’s so cute in dat pic dhoo…he’s going 2b a smart little boy dhooo…ummmah bob..

  9. hehe… i shud get a kid soon, huh 😉

  10. finifenmaa.. hey miadhu mee bob menge dhuvas dho . .so dhuniyey ge kudakudhinge dhuvahuge ufaaveri thahuniyya adhi heyo edhun bob ah radhdhu kuran .. aharun hurihaa emmen ge ves edhumakee bob ah hurihaa gothakun ves kaamiyaa dhevvun .. HUGss from alll / …
    so finifenmaa aharumenge mi msg esorah radhdhu kohdeythi ingey!

  11. thnx guys…

    pixsie, sid: jindhurbe – jinni edhurube
    will update as i remember more…

    manippulhu… labba thi vedhumaai thahuniyaa rahdhu kuraanan!!!

  12. happy children’s day to all ^_^ [thats actually belated :P]

  13. awww..such a shweeeeet pudddinggg..i wish i cud talk to him! hehe..u’ve got a cuuuute kid finifenmaa =)

  14. fureeku: thnx

    shweet: thnx shweeet & that cud b arranged 😉

  15. helllooo… he is sooo cute… u’re soo lucky to have an awesome kid like bob… i wud love to meet bob sumday and introduce him to my yonger bro who is in lanka, he is a drummer too.. bless u!!

  16. hey bubble… thnx… v might meet, who knows… bob’s moving there for a while!!! 😀

  17. awwww finifenmaaa he’s such a sweetheart =) u’re one lucky mom (y) best of luck 😀

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