I neeeed privacy!!!


In most countries, when a couple decides to get married, the first thing they’d do is, buy themselves a house, apartment… etc, they get themselves a place where they could call their own, a place where they are going to be the heads of their future family. But unfortunate for us, this place where we call home, is the place where our parents (or on occasions grandparents) began their married lives, got kids, and still probably are living. In some of the houses in Male’ we find two to three generations of families living together. Three or more siblings each couple bear, imagine. We have no space to move out to. No space to build a home. Renting, don’t even get me started on that. So many issues arise as so many people need to share the tiny living space.

For me, being married and having a son, its toughest when people tend to criticize the way I do my everyday chores for my husband and the way people criticize on how I raise my kid. My husband and I agree on taking care of our son together. Together in the sense, I’m not the only one who is ‘entitled’ to shower, clean, nurture, feed our son. Being a family means, the dad should take an almost equal share of the everyday chores in taking care of our child. But it is ridiculed among the elders. The way we do things, the things we do, the mere fact that we want to raise our kid the way we want and not the way people have been practicing it is mocked. The fact I let my son’s hair grow, I let my baby run free at the park instead of guiding him as to what to do, the fact my husband eat selected foods that I prepare, he babysits while I have a night out, I get my baby to pick up his toys when done playing, it’s all ridiculed. Hoping for the day when I could go to a place where I could be my own boss or hoping for the day people would let me carry on with my responsibilities, and them, mind their own.


8 Responses to “I neeeed privacy!!!”

  1. yeah its too much..i hate ppl poking their nose into my life..i just hate it..live my life forever and noone care me ever

  2. Don’t feel bad about what people say. U n ur hubby know what ur doing. So that’s what matters. I do understand that it might be difficult to ignore what others are saying while ur living amongst them. Best thing to do is not let them or what they say get at u. U aren’t doing anything wrong.

    This is a really really good post.

    10 out of 10.

  3. Very true and it is a cry frequently heard from many couples, young and old. Living in such close quarters with other people, often sharing the same utensils, furniture and space is especially annoying when their ideals and view are different your own and have to engaged in a constant battle for a mid ground.

    Good luck with your aspirations 🙂

  4. True… Its really hard to live among others who tend to criticize what you do. How you do things even if it doesn’t concern them or not. Its Maldivians style u know. They tend to criticize on anything they come to face even if that doesn’t even bother to them. But what can we do? Just ignore the fact and lead our lives the way we want since we do not have any other choice. Since we have to live with them. What you said is absolutely true. Your husband and you decide whats best for your life but if people say things then just don’t bother to think about what others say, just go on with your routines. And wish you good luck with your hopes.

  5. Yeah..! You should have the right to do what you want with your life and to build your own family and kids… and I agree with nass totally, don’t think about what other ppl think of what you do, your not doing anything wrong..!!

    And I really admire the way you raise Bob.
    A kid should be free, after all, he is a small individual too… and its really cool how you keep Bobs hair… 🙂 When he grows up, He would probably show his baby pics to his drummer buddies and say “Hey guys, I even had my hair like a real drummer when I was a kid…! Did your mom ever do that for you?” hehee

    And you are a super cool mom..!! 😀 really..!

  6. finifemmaa.. varah fakkkaa post eh ingey!! maa bodah haas vaane kameh ney! hama beynun gothakah kanthah kurey .. 😀 dhen vaane gothakee ulheynee eki khiyaaluge eki mizaa juge meehun dho! haasssa koh than kolheh umurun dhuvas v meehun ge khiyaalu v thafaathu vaane..
    aharennah dhimaavi hama rattehi geyakun anhen kudhinnah keyun manaa egeyga ulhey firihen kudhin kai nunimenee :@ hehehe hevvaa dho ..

  7. hey alll!!! thnx for your lovely comments! guess we all share the same opinion.

  8. Solitudinarian Narrator Says:

    Hi there finifenmaa, nice and welcoming blog u have got and great posts too.
    Well this is Male’, one of the top crowded city in the world. What more can you expect? We have to live in a small nutshell and its critical Maldivians style to comment on every single thing you do. Wish you all the best in your dreams. Meanwhile just try to avoid them. As your fellow readers have previously suggested. Good post.

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