This has got to be one the Toughest decisions I have EVER made in my life. I have always been the level headed person, who always said she would be independent. Well that’s exactly what I’m trying to be, but then hey, this is a HUGE risk. I am so damned, people have made it a whole lot tougher…. I wish they’d be more supportive. Average Maldivians are just cynical & so, so criticizing.
Here I am sitting alone in my room, thinking what my future would turn out to be. I know I know, don’t be bothered you’d say, but I am wondering if this is the right choice. I sure hope so, because tomorrow (that’s technically today) is my last day at work, and then ta-daaa I’m a stay at home mom. I know my kid is going to be so happy that I’m there 24/7. And then I wonder, is he going to feel the same amount of sadness when his mom can’t afford to buy him gifts like she used to? I don’t intend to just stay as a stay –at-home mom, I want to be more than that; I want to be a working-from-home mom. Oh I wish I have enough courage to get this through, and finish this course, so that I could work from home and be with Bob and my hubs. This is a decision I made with the support of my husband, but then, leave him and go away for a 6month training abroad. I was being very positive, but then, there came people who criticize, leaving my husband, they don’t approve. Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh…
Whatever, I’ve come to this decision, and I hope I’m brave enough to get through!

Would I make my baby happy?
Could I be the perfect mom?
Could I keep my family merry?
Am I being just plain dumb?

I wonder if I should turn and run.
Back to the place that I have been
Should I go back, make things undone?
I don’t know what to feel.

I wish you all a journey safe and long,
At this place I would so miss
Feel the love and feel you belong,
This place definitely is bliss.

(That last verse was for my co-workers, I’ll miss you all)


18 Responses to “Farewell…”

  1. going away for a course.. that’s a god thing. n it’s just for 6 months.

    good luck 🙂

  2. “people have made it a whole lot tougher…. I wish they’d be more supportive. Average Maldivians are just cynical & so, so criticizing” ……….. so true.

    but gud luk with wat you are trying to do.

  3. dont worry about it dear. lots of people have to go through it… it’ll turn out well in the end. [pats you on the back]

  4. thnx nass

    autodynamix: dho? i just hate em…

    thnx velvette… and that last verse applies to u too 😉

  5. Solitudinarian Narrator Says:

    Hello there Finifenmaa..
    I guess you can decide whats best for your life. I think you are a great mom and would take the best decision.
    Wish you every success in your life!

  6. hey gud luck ingey..wel bob wil be much happier to see you around him..and it wont be bad..everything wil go out very fine

    gud luck..

  7. I believe u made a gud choice. But i know how you must feel leavin evrything and coming here to stay with us for 6 mnths as you know that i had to leave almost every thing to come and study here. Whatever decision u make u’ll still be one of the greatest aunts i have ever had 😉

  8. Goodie that you’ve got a supportive hubby. You gonna be back to your son and hubby soon!! Time really runs fast!! Good luck!

  9. Dear Finifenmaa always remember that life’s full of challenges and be smart to face it. U can do it. God bless you and your family.tc

  10. hey dear.. thi hama emme rangalhu gothha thi nimmee ingey!! N gud luck ..
    dont worry,.. hubby hurieee finifenmaaa ekkolhakannu! 😀

  11. *SOB* “sniff”

    😦 Im gonna miss you so much.. 😦

    I hope you continue blogging, please do keep in touch…. 😦

    You will make your baby happy..!
    You are the perfect mother for Bob..!
    I’m sure you will keep your family happy..!!!
    And you are NOT dumb..! Never was, never will be..!!

    You are goin to be a great working-from-home mom 🙂

  12. People are always going to find something wrong with the ‘choices’ we make, they shouldnt be a concern you know.. having said that.. I am seeing a lot of ‘supportive’ maldivians in here 🙂

    I know how scary it is, but you will prevail, blv in your self and 6 months is a very short span of time and you’d be back in no time.. and you are doing this not just for yourself.. its for your child and husband as well.. I applaud you..

    good luck 🙂

  13. Solitudinarian Narrator: awww thats so sweet…

    aisha: yea thats for sure

    Uzain: awww beybes, thats so sweet thnx hon…

    nadhee: yea he’s the best, am taking my kid ven i go… 😉

    Aisha: thnx for the support i really appreciate it

    manippulhu: shukuriyya manippulhu, yea hubs is by my side no matter what

    shanoo: thnx, :$ ur very sweet

    thnx all!!! your words meant a lot to me! :hugs 😀 i feel a lot better… counting days now! 😉 thank you alll!!

  14. good luck. sure it should have been a hard dicesion for you. but for bob the bulder its always good. and you will see the result later 🙂 so keep it up 😀 i think it is good.you need time for him so he can be the smartest kid ;)…

  15. koba my big long comment??? konthakah lee ey thi?? 😦

  16. *sob*

    I’ll miss you so much..!! 😦

    You will make your baby happy,
    You are the perfect mom,
    I’m sure you can make your family happy,
    You are not being dumb, never were and never will be..!!
    I think your doing the right thing… (Only if you keep in touch with me..!! ;))

    Wish you all the best and good luck..! ‘Sniff’ ‘sniff’ 😦
    Bob ves hunaanee boduvefa dho anna iru..?? 😦

  17. p.i.s.s.u Says:

    people around us will say different things….but the decision you have made is a really good one….meehun kiyaane abadhuves faadu faaduge echchihi…but WE know whats best for OUR FUTURE ……its good that you have made a choice like this….this is reallly good for ur son and ur hubby…..GOOD LUCK with the course….wish u all the best

  18. p.i.s.s.u Says:

    finifenmaa when ever ur bored….ur always welcome to my lavabaazee blog…AND everyone….

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