my love for you insatiable….

I’m trying and trying and no matter how much I try, it’s just useless. I can’t get myself to sleep; I just can’t keep my eyes closed, I keep opening my eyes to see if you’re still next to me, if i’m still home, if its already morning and time for me to leave. Oh I’ll miss you so much darling.


I want to stay awake besides you,
Cos I don’t want to miss a second,
I want to stay here watching you,
As minutes fade into the last seconds…

I want to hold you everyday,
I just don’t want to let you go,
I would fry eggs for you everyday,
If I didn’t have to go.

I hope you enjoy some alone time,
As we take this journey of ours,
And we will be back in no time,
To be together as a family, that we call ours…


14 Responses to “my love for you insatiable….”

  1. WOW!! simply beautiful sys :cuddle

    am gona miss you alot too sys.. best of luck ingey sys.. hope all your dreams come true and wish always the best for you and your lovely family 🙂 and wish you will all be happy for ever n ever n ever 🙂 :cuddle :hug

  2. The plane hasn’t left yet, but I’m already feeling your absence…

    I am missing you and bob so very much…….

    Give bob a hug from daddy !!!

  3. hey very nice, I can almost feel in real what you are feeling..

  4. awwww… 😥

    dont worry dear sis and dear bro…

    insha allah, days will go by in no time.
    and “tadaa!” before u know it, u’ll be back home, back with ur hubby 🙂

  5. @ mohd: awww hon…. im missin u too… glad i got ur lil copy with me!! hehe.. he makes all this worthwhile… hugging him for u (and me) all the time…

  6. that pic.. nice one. did u draw it?? i like it. nice wordings 🙂

  7. awwwww u shweeet couple…. ul be back together in no time……. *sigh*

  8. ooo finifenmaa… inshaa allaaah hurihaa kameh ves vaanee rangalhah.. mi dhuvas kolhu thihen miss viyas fahun libeyn oi ufaa bodennu dho ..

  9. to be with a close, or loved one… really is strange..the feelings which u get. U dont wont the moment to lose, or to forget the moment. It is amazing.

    i saw from some where….being missed is nice…but missing sum one is terrible….i think it is the damn truth…^_^

  10. eythimeethi: all thnx to deviantart… and those words are from the bottom of my heart 😉

    DarkAngel: mmm dho… thnx

    manippulhu: amen… and thnx

    Fureeku: yea that sayin is so true…


  11. awww.. dear im missin u a lot where are u??? long time no post even? quiting blogging??? :S

  12. lucifer: noooney… quit work… so my replies rnt so prompt… left male’ so missing every1

  13. p.i.s.s.u Says:

    awwww….finifenmaaa….tats true….we really miss our loved ones….specially when we are far away from them…

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