I love to read mystical stories & mythology (mostly Greek), the creatures and the stories they are linked to are fascinating. Whoever came up with the stories sure have a wild imagination, sometimes makes me wonder if they were once true, or if they really exist in another dimension.

The unicorn is one my favorite mythical creatures.  The white horse with a horn on its head is what people usually picture as a unicorn. But the ‘real’ unicorns have a goatie, a lion’s tail and cloven hooves.

Unicorns definitely are good. The peaceful creature symbolizes purity, protection, safety … all good! They are supposedly tame beauties.  Beauties is true, these white creatures, look at that they’re beautiful…. And btw, I lurv the cartoon ‘The Last unicorn’ and the theme song of the cartoon.



14 Responses to “Unicorns”

  1. unicorns… beautiful creatures arent they

  2. i like unicorns too

    unicorns ey bunaa irah imagine kureveny unicorns flying over rainbows..!

    nice post 😀

  3. nice post abt unicorns finifenmaa.. i love them too.. and yeah it also happens to be my favorite from mythical creatures too. But hate to say this.. No offence but i really hate the cartoon, the last unicorn.. heehee

  4. I too wonder where they are… along with goblins, dwarfs, fairies, pixies, jinns, mickey mouse, superman, carebears, pooh, tigger, rannamaari, umaru ayyaaru and the rest of them…. Must be hiding in one of the parallel universes…

  5. i also like the theme song of the last unicorn cartoon. Hehe. Varah emotional kahala gothakah dho….i like the music too

    yeah, unicorns are a beauty! i like fantasy things, and guess i like unicorns the best ^_^

  6. hehe me too, i wonder where the hell i can find those fairy tale creatures.. sometimes @ midnight i have weird dreams of unicorns and horses that have mens upper body and stuff. ehehe anyways.. nice post!!

  7. nass: yes, very

    .mini: hehe yea kureega dhakkaane cartoon eh… unicorns and seahorse in pastel colors cant remember the name though

    DarkAngel: hehe ehentha… was kinda dragging as a kid… but now i like it.

    jaa: hehe sounds a little sarcastic, but hey u never know.. from the little knowledge we know… there mite b another dimension… or parallel universe like u’ve said…

    Fureeku: dho??? i lurv the song…

    ~lucifersangel~: hehe aan dho… will let u know if/ven i know 😉 erm horses with human body that centaurs… was supposed to b my next article heheh!!!

    thnx for dropping by every1!!!

  8. WOW..!! i absolutely adore Unicorns..!! maybe they are still living somewhere, lost in a big beautiful forest..!!! 😀

    And I’m looking forward for the day when you would write about Pixsies 😉 hehe

  9. It’s a fascinating creature … and the song is splendid… the cartoon too…

  10. aww i love dat cartoooon too 😀

  11. pixsie: hehe sure will sooooon…

    niish & naaziya: gr8 minds think alike

  12. When I was a kid I couldnt get the cartoon, i found it quite complex and I figured it out later only.. I still wanna be a firefly though..

  13. hehe why no updates?? O_O

  14. The Last Unicorn – cartoon is excellent…I always wondered what the name of that eye patched cat was….so I went and got the book, and was blown away more…coz that is beyond excellent good…but sadly, the cat had no name.

    And the OST…total transport to another dimension…to catch glimpses of unicorns….

    Does myth and mystery lie
    Where the unicorns go

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