After a long, hard day of tiring work, I always prefer to take a nice long warm shower, slip into something comfortable and just channel surf, surf the web, indulge in a good book, or magazine with a nice tall glass of water with lots of ice.

And bob, he loves a shower, slip into comfy pajamas, and lay down with a nice warm bottle of milk watching his favorite fasylive show. Too bad he’s going to miss fasylive performance tomorrow night!


9 Responses to “Relax….”

  1. awww… poor bob… hes sure gonna miss it!!!

  2. azu!!!!where hve u disappeared?nothing heard from you fr all thse dayz, hey!you cant do this to ur very best buddy!or are u actually doin it?
    i cannot think much abt ur article coz i wanted give u this yell,is it loud enuff for u to let me knw how u r doin there……my loooovvvve to bobby the drummer(muaah!)

  3. i wish i wish i wud get married not sumday but soon & get a lovely cuty pie juz like ur son!!!

  4. your kid is so cute!

    give him a lil huggy from me =)

  5. DarkAngel: yea me too 😛

    Shako: ooooi im right here, looking high and low for you…. u rnt ever online nun????

    sucksex: hehe… awww, i hope so tooo…. if u so desire… AND if u’ve found the man of your dreams…. go ahead!!!

    .mini: done! 😀 hehe thnx ingey

  6. baivaru baivaru pillows eheree o_O
    loabi loabi bob!

  7. asthaaa…. mulhin sakaraaaai nu dho .. muhimmu show eh dho miss v .. ehehe bob haas kandaalaa ingey! adhi kuriyah othee ennu dho show thakaa ehchhi .. heheh
    hey finifenmaa.. iyyega alhu gandu ge home mate vidhaalhuvi finifenmaa salaaaam buni o .. javaabuga bunan othee wa walaikumuh salaam eh .. heheheh ….. 😉 ulhemun ulhemun ves dhimaavee aharen ge home mate aa dho // hehehehe heheh

  8. that drum stick. did u put it there jst to take the pic or he has been practicing with it ?? hehehe.. make him small pillows in round shape so he can practice drumming on the pillows around him without making noise. there are pads like that too.

  9. shweeeet: heheh, yeah so many pillows in this house…

    manippulhu: keekkuraanee mihen ves vaanethaa dho? heheh nubuney thi vaahaka eh

    eythimeethi: that’s with him even as he sleeps… he was drumming before he went close and lay there like that 😀

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