don’t u love being craaaazy????

Sometimes, I get labelled as ‘freak’, because I do things as directed by instant impulses.  By ‘things’ I mean like chopping/ coloring my hair, piercings you know what I mean right? Now I got something better to do, hheheh!!! Which is do the same stuff as I did to myself to BOB. But not to worry, I wouldn’t cut a single hair unless it’s utterly necessary (like when he starts school). I took him to the saloon today, and highlighted his hair… hehe!! He was being a real sport throughout until it came to the washing part. He loves his new locks… wanna see him? Below are some pics of him after the new hairdo!


 Bob at the saloon (Mr Pierce)


 Look at my darling….



 That’s Bob with his cousin brothers Uzain and Usaid.




That’s him with his cousin Uzain (a.k.a Beybe) who is so damned jealous of bob’s hair hehe!! And also begs me to adopt him as his mom wouldn’t let him grow his hair long or colour it!! Hehe!! 😀



37 Responses to “don’t u love being craaaazy????”

  1. helo….bappi bob…u look exactly like me when i did that…. ummmmah !!

  2. Bob! Now Bob looks like a windsurfer 😀 Cute!

  3. hehe… varah loabi…

  4. hmm …. mifaharu neyi hama bunaane ehchhe.. all i can say is bob u loook so cool with ur new look .. hehehehe..

  5. Whoaa there Bob u look so TOUGH!!!!
    hehehe varah bitun vaane ingay.. finifenmaa u better be careful ur son wud be a catch for every gurl his age 😉 hehe

  6. hehehh..thats Coool..!! ..! 😀 really salhi..!! hehehe..

  7. dont u juz love to spoil dose lil fellows…ehehe!!!

  8. hehehe! loaabikannnn bobziiiz!!!
    yeah n…its da 1st time m commentin on ur blog dho?
    i juz cudnt help commentin after seein da pics of cute lil bob (a)! 😀

    keeep postttinnnnnn finifenmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  9. ahaaaa! balaabala nikan.. varah salhi ingey.. Cool look bob! hey bob afey really miss you ingey! hope to drop by soon! 😀

  10. mohd: yea looks that way dho???

    nass: yea true varah surfer dude eh dho?

    forgiven: thnx

    manippulhu: hehh… thnx

    Darkangel: its the gal’s parents who have to worry,… my kid is tough!! 😉

    pixsie: dho? 🙂

    sucksex: ooo i lurvv to

    rifu…da gr8: thaaaaaaanx… y didnt u comment before? shud have nun!!!

    Afey: 😀 thaaaaaanx… lemme know ven ur here!

  11. ehehe kewl.. alhugandu ves miulheny thihen hadhan!! 😛

  12. tafu dho varah mihaaru…hehe..cute kannn ^.^

  13. lucifersangel: salhi vaane

    shweeeet: hhehe thnx…

  14. awww loabi (y) varah salhi… avahah kuda vaan v bob varah… finifenmaa… ok tha 😛 hehe kiddin

  15. He would look cute anyway.

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