We all miss you, angel…


People come into our lives for a reason. They make u smile, they make u laugh, and when they leave, they make u cry. Recently an angel flew into our lives. And she brought us all nothing but happiness… a lovely sister to us, a caring daughter to my parents, and the perfect partner for my brother. Everyone who met her would say she is the sweetest kindest being they ever met. She surely was. Yesterday, less than a month after she came into our lives, she has gone… she left us a beautiful memory, and flew to the land where true angels belong.

I open my eyes to see the glare,
The sun is up for a brand new day,
I sit straight and wonder if it was a nightmare
Please, please let yesterday not be true, I pray.

The pain in my head rushes back,
The memories of yesterday returns,
The day was all dull and black,
The light that shines has all burnt.


Im glad we were able to spend,
Together the last few days of your life,
You are an extraordinary friend,
And to my brother, a flawless wife.


I wish eternal happiness for you,
May God give your soul peace


16 Responses to “We all miss you, angel…”

  1. may her soul go to heaven. ameen

  2. may god bless her and may she rest in peace

  3. god bless her soul. ameen … keiy kurachey.take care.

  4. awww…i hate it wen ppl leave me..

    may god bless her

  5. well said 🙂 kewl blog

  6. My deepest sympathy. May god bless her and rest her in peace. May god bring calmness to your family too! Take Care.

  7. awwwwwww…m soweeeee… 😦
    may god bless her soul…
    tc inge.

  8. thank you all…

  9. May God bless her! Amen!

  10. She is one of the sweetest person I’ve know…. She will be remembered for her kindness, her always pleasant personality and her evermore kind, sweet, ready smile at anyone, anytime…

    Finifenma,….I can understand how you must be feeling… I’m so very sorry to hear about it, she will always be remembered for all the good things that she was…

    Its so heartbreaking how some good things don’t last so long….Even as little as I know about her, I’m glad I know her even for such a short period of time… May Allah bless her soul, may she rest in peace and may she be blessed with all the happiness she deserve afterlife…aamen

  11. she was a great person…..
    she will surely be remembered by every single person she has met and spent time with…

    specially my mom…. 15 years is not a short time to have a best friend like her….

    it’s a very painful news…

    she sure is an angel..
    i will never ever forget her…

    i miss her.. i thank god for all the happiness she has got which she surely deserved in her life.. and wish her the best of blessings now and always, forever…

    like pixsie said..
    “May Allah bless her soul, may she rest in peace and may she be blessed with all the happiness she deserve afterlife…”


  12. aww..im so sowwee..may god bless her and may she rest in peace..

  13. thanks again everyone….

  14. So pure a heart full of sincerity
    Others happiness a priority
    Always full of love and generosity
    True inner warmth such a rarity
    Her smiling face full of humility
    A faint attempt to describe her in her entirety

  15. asthaa.. maaai alllaah ekamanaage furaana fulhah suwarugeyge dhaaimee nimumai dhevvvaashi …AAAMEEEN..

  16. oooow
    im soo soreeee
    may she rest in peace and suvarugeyge niumaidevashi…ameeeeen

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