Mysterious Pixies

This article is dedicated to my special friend and fellow blogger Pixsie.


Don’t you love little pixies with wings, spreading dust around?

While collecting material to write this article, I’ve come across rather surprising information regarding these pretty creatures.

When I think of pixies the first thing that I picture in my mind’s eye is Tinkerbelle from Peter Pan, sitting on a little toadstool, getting so jealous of Wendy. And now that I’ve read a little about pixies, I’ve come to know that that’s actually in their blood. Pixies are said to be very territorial, and would do anything in their power to save their territory or love. They are said to often have conflicts with fairies, who are bigger than them. The legend remains, that they refused to accept Christianity, and were shrunk in size until they finally did. But even then, they weren’t good enough to be taken through into heaven, and not taken to hell either, so were abandoned on earth FOREVER.They are sneaky & quick and love to play pranks on people, stealing horses and ponies is among their favorites.

But in contradiction to this, I’ve also come across some people who say, they are just fragile, pretty little creatures sucking nectar and spreading pixie dust throughout their days. They are said to be allergic to silver, it burns their skin and/or kills if it’s gotten into their blood 🙂


9 Responses to “Mysterious Pixies”

  1. Interesting discovery! 😀

  2. hehe..

    niice and informative

    im sure pixsie will love this!

  3. asphysiator Says:

    hey thanks finifenmaa, nice blog you got here keep up the good work sir dheefin ingey star eh ves hehe, tc ciao

  4. Whoaa… Cool piece of information.. i never saw them from anywhere else before and i did not know about pixsies too heehee.. anyways cool post finifenmaa 🙂

  5. wowww…you are soooo sweeeeeeeeeet..!! 😀 huggable huggy hug hugs..!! 😀 love the post..!! 😀 thanks thanks thanks dearest..!!!! 😀

  6. ooh… how about PixelPixie?

  7. thanx alll….

    nass: specially to pixsie cause this is on her request!! 😉

    thnx for dropping by

  8. wow what a great information about pixies. I didn’t know tat before. thanx for sharing ingay. 🙂

  9. kool infor =)

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