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Time Flies…

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Had so much fun!!



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Had to give Bob a haircut as he is going to start school here. He looks kinda cute with the haircut, but i so miss his long locks.



Big Little Bob


That’s Bob and his little cousin Iya

Pixsie tagged me!!!!

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1 – Three things I can’t do
• Quit being a worry wart
• Laugh quietly
• Share my coke

2 – Three things I can do
• Bake, cook… (oh yes I can)
• Stay in bed all day long (if it wasn’t for bob)
• Dance, dance all night long (oooo I miss it)

3 – Three things That scares me
• God
• What Bob would turn out to be when he grows up.
• Whatever goes wrong might be because of me.

4 – Three things I love
• My family (immediate and extended inclusive)
• Friends (genuine, not those fake people out there)
• Spending time with my husband and kid… together…

5 – Three things I hate
• Those impossible to stop gossip freaks
• A loud crowd of party people, while I’m on a quiet dinner!!!
• ironing


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saving all my love for you….

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I wake to each new day knowing you’d be with me,
This is where I would always want to be.


Out of the blue you’d come and give me hug,
With all the eyes around, I’d shyly shrug.


When we’re alone I’d make up for it,
To reach your lips, I’d go up on my toes a bit.


Oh those moments and so much more I miss,
The morning lazy hugs, as you hold me close and kiss.


I keep counting the days as to when you would be near,
With you by my side I could sleep safe with no fear.


Just one more lonely night and I would be in your arms,
I can’t just wait to see you turn on your charms.


The distance and time apart has made me go so crazy,
Now I just want to lie in bed with you forever lazy.


I just can’t wait to be hugged, kissed, loved
And I can’t wait to hug you, kiss you my beloved.

so true…

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I hate buying toys for my lil kid, I feel it as a HUGE waste. This is just my opinion, and here’s my justification for saying that.

Whenever I bought a gift for a little kid, its usually something like a squeaky, colorful book, building blocks, puzzles… etc. you know what I mean right? I love giving educational toys. BUT I so, so don’t like giving guns, swords and stuff. Mostly because, these fragile stuff are unworthily expensive and the headache you got to bear to the child’s crying when it is broken in no time, just intolerable.

Below are pics I took of my lil Bob obsessing over a toy car his grandma sent for him. He loved it a lot, that was until it broke, that same day!

 I do love spoiling him, but I try to do it with the right kinda stuff. Maybe a drum in the near future  😉