How do we choose friends? Looks? Smell? Style? Race? For me, as friends play an important role in my life, personality is what matters most. But sure does style matter, as that would decide if we click or not. Smell? You could always give some perfume if he/she stinks…. heheh! Race? Not an issue at all, I’m blind when it comes to race and/or wealth. Looks is fine, no matter how they look I’m fine!
I do wonder how my friends choose friends, and how much I scored. And I also do wonder, how much they value me. How far they would go for me. As far as the quantity of my friends are concerned, it’s a few… just a handful. And out of which, I wonder how many are true… how many of them have pure hearts.
This is just a little note to all of my friends out there (in this I include my blogger friends, yes! Even you), to tell you all how much you all mean to me, and how much I miss you all EVERY single DAY! Love you all a lot!


10 Responses to “~f.r.i.e.n.d.s~”

  1. Never expect too much from anyone. Coz in the end, you’d be hurt…

  2. cheeers kewl post..

  3. hey azu…..u r truly the bestest friend anybody cud ever get. i always admire ur self-confidence, good sense of humour, easygoing personality, cheerful attitude, and ur crazy mind.
    i wouldn’t ask u more than being who u are to me always.
    only wish u r here to go crazy in ur mo-bike ride.

  4. good post. i’ve got all sorts of friends… n as long as i get along well with them i really don’t care much about the things u’ve listed.

  5. joy or trouble
    what ever it might be
    you were always there
    right here, beside me
    would change nothing about you,
    would ask for nothing more,
    for you are a perfect friend
    my lovely sister you will always be

    miss you alot sys
    :hugest hug :hugest cuddle
    (phonega inna ekkala smiley :))

  6. yeah i agree with nass

    some people are rude to others but okay with me.. so im okay with them too

    hehe.. i treat the opposite person the way they treat me..
    so, race, wealth, looks, doesn’t mat

  7. o_O I cant think of a particular reason why your my friend… 😀 We just became friends dho???? but, if I were to arrange my friends i.e. best on top, ud surely be on the toppp row ingey 🙂

    …miss you a lot 😦 is it six months yet?????

  8. thnx allll!!! shakko, sid pixsie.. u r on my top row too! 😀
    @ pixsie, i got 5 more months buddy!

  9. asthaaaaa…. alhugandumenves finifenmaa mathin varah hadhaan vee yeh ..

  10. finifenmaa alhuganduge listaa eku vehjje

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