I hate buying toys for my lil kid, I feel it as a HUGE waste. This is just my opinion, and here’s my justification for saying that.

Whenever I bought a gift for a little kid, its usually something like a squeaky, colorful book, building blocks, puzzles… etc. you know what I mean right? I love giving educational toys. BUT I so, so don’t like giving guns, swords and stuff. Mostly because, these fragile stuff are unworthily expensive and the headache you got to bear to the child’s crying when it is broken in no time, just intolerable.

Below are pics I took of my lil Bob obsessing over a toy car his grandma sent for him. He loved it a lot, that was until it broke, that same day!

 I do love spoiling him, but I try to do it with the right kinda stuff. Maybe a drum in the near future  😉




6 Responses to “toys…”

  1. aaaalhey!!! dheravelaafa inn goiy =| hehe..loaabikann ^.^
    and btw, i agree with you abt =D

  2. my favourite toy was a thagari. i put all the toys in it and put a rope then tow it around the house. hehehe

  3. aa yeah..! agreed.. 😀 a drum will do good for lil bobis..!!

  4. he doesn’t look gud with that toy car in his hand,u better buy a drum for him and untie his golden locks……and i think u r right abt toys,even i don’t wanna buy swords and guns for my lil’guy.

  5. see what shweet said.

  6. my fav toy was a fadegge roolhey star eh..eythi vettey irah thelheynee dhen anekka eythi raavan jeheynee lol… hehe dhen adhi faadegge magnifying glass eko hahaha!!!
    anyways bob luks realy cute ingay!!!
    dhen avahah hoadha dhee drum eh 😛 hehe

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