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stupid me…

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Guyz & gals…. wanna listen to something stupid that I did some time back?

I was at Odel with my sister, at the kids’ section, looking through the t-shirts, while bob was running around the kids games stuff and all. And there was this guy, I would call him a “zamaanee guy”. He looked like he’s in his early 20’s, with shoulder length highlighted hair, wearing a really short t-shirt, and his jeans material shorts were as low as like, lower than the upper half of his butt, and I was relieved to see he was decent enough to wear boxers. A nice one at that 😉

Anyway, this guy was bending to look at something on the lower shelves. I just could help but say to my sister, “I just wanna pull his shorts down, wanna bet?” and the dude turned around and lifted his shorts up a bit. Realizing he was Maldivian, we fled the place.




an (almost) unsolved mystery…

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Here’s something I found so much humor in.


I was just sitting here minding my own business and my sister comes running to me. She was laughing so hard… she cud hardly breathe… her face all red. Wanna know the reason for all this havoc? She was investigating The Mystery of the Lost Toothbrush… yes… toothbrush. Our Dad and her Father-in-law (hereafter referred as FIL), in their 60’s, they’re both with us, visiting. They share a room while they are here. And guess what, today, after a week of shared accommodation, her FIL says he can’t find his toothbrush. FIL described his toothbrush as “ORAL B, blue in color” and our dad says his as “I can’t remember the brand, its got a white dhandi gandu” both are very forgetful. And my sister looks in the bathroom and everywhere else in the room. It’s nowhere. And then finally she gets our dad to check his toiletries bag, in which she finds a toothbrush. It was in white and blue color, ORAL B. after hours of investigation, it turns out both of them have been using the same brush for a week now… lol … YUCK, I know. One of them had forgotten to bring his own brush! We had a good laugh… *vetti ove henee

allll my prayers for u…

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The pain in my head seems to grow,
The wounds in my heart feel so raw,


I’m so bruised to see your little hands,
Pierced with needles & your feet in clamps


Your tiny lips so dry and cracked,
your scared little face tighten in your react,


I wish I could relieve you from all the pain
Hold you tight and bring you home again


But these are things that need to be done,
To make you well, and a strong one.


I wish there was an easier way,
In god to deliver you from this pain I pray.


I love you baby, I give you all my strength,
I promise to be by your side to all lengths.





May you recover soon!

i need u!!!!

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Having found the love, that so many others don’t,
Yet forced to stay away from u , and my heart groans

In the nights, I lay in bed, wide awake,
I try to calm down with huge breaths that I take,


My mind goes in a frenzy of fanciful thoughts,
Indulging in the images, my eyes closed taut.


I feel blood rising to my face, making me blush,
On my skin, I let my fingertips lightly brush.


With the strong winds of this storm, I let my body sway,
At the highest peak of the mountain I lay.


Heaving, and gasping hungrily I open my eyes,
Calling for you to be here besides me my heart cries.


I miss you so much, luv!



change… is it good? or bad?

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We, as humans go through changes. Changes in personality, taste, views… and everything else. It is good; changes should come about, how dull life would be if it wasn’t for change. But change in people’s personality could hurt. Yeah, hurt like hell. Being far away from friends makes me so disappointed when people I think most of just don’t turn out to be what they are. Or ‘change’ to a completely different person. And all this while, I thought the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. For some people that saying does apply, like my darling for instance  :$

I admit, I have changed too. Taste in music definitely. I used to listen to a lot of Dhivehi songs.. like ali rameez and all… I still do. There are lots of songs that could make my heart skip a beat. Songs that brings old and gold memories. Songs that make me smile… and so on. But recently, I find myself listening the kind of music that I used to think would only give me a headache. Like Godfather theme – Guns & Roses, My sacrifice – Creed (now you know why my kid loves FasyLive, don’t you? Heheh!). And as for Dhivehi songs, my recent Dhivehi favorites are “vaahaka – illsight” and this beautiful song called “Hudhuparee – Naanu” (you can get that last Dhivehi song from, he has got a really gud collection). Wondering if this is stupid, muskulhi vi dhuvahu listening to guns and roses and illsight… hehe!

Something’s haven’t changed much. Have a look at the pictures below;


Bob at 7 mths old


Bob at 2 yrs 6 mths


Cute guy huh? Still sleeps in his baby position. Of course he IS a baby. He is my baby. I love him dearly, and that’s one thing that wouldn’t change.

Sugar & Spice…

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