change… is it good? or bad?

We, as humans go through changes. Changes in personality, taste, views… and everything else. It is good; changes should come about, how dull life would be if it wasn’t for change. But change in people’s personality could hurt. Yeah, hurt like hell. Being far away from friends makes me so disappointed when people I think most of just don’t turn out to be what they are. Or ‘change’ to a completely different person. And all this while, I thought the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. For some people that saying does apply, like my darling for instance  :$

I admit, I have changed too. Taste in music definitely. I used to listen to a lot of Dhivehi songs.. like ali rameez and all… I still do. There are lots of songs that could make my heart skip a beat. Songs that brings old and gold memories. Songs that make me smile… and so on. But recently, I find myself listening the kind of music that I used to think would only give me a headache. Like Godfather theme – Guns & Roses, My sacrifice – Creed (now you know why my kid loves FasyLive, don’t you? Heheh!). And as for Dhivehi songs, my recent Dhivehi favorites are “vaahaka – illsight” and this beautiful song called “Hudhuparee – Naanu” (you can get that last Dhivehi song from, he has got a really gud collection). Wondering if this is stupid, muskulhi vi dhuvahu listening to guns and roses and illsight… hehe!

Something’s haven’t changed much. Have a look at the pictures below;


Bob at 7 mths old


Bob at 2 yrs 6 mths


Cute guy huh? Still sleeps in his baby position. Of course he IS a baby. He is my baby. I love him dearly, and that’s one thing that wouldn’t change.


13 Responses to “change… is it good? or bad?”

  1. hehehe thats cute..

  2. hehe thats cute 😀

  3. alhe loaaaabikannn!
    well, the way i sleep even hasnt ovefa vaahaka foiy kiyan onna gothah fai mahchah nagaigen oveveynee hama..mamma and dhontha abadhu kiyaanee ehen :$

  4. Yaaaayyy…gun’s n’ roses rule and he’s growin too you know?

  5. hehehe alhe loabi kan bob onna goi dho! hes such an angel! (A)
    and ur new choice of music isnt bad dear!!
    evryone needs a change and hope that its for the best!

  6. hehehe.. love tht position 2 sleep.. mayb i shud try it 2.. cox it seems like its quite comfy for him.. hehe.. n change of music is kewl. shud change frm time 2 time. hehe
    u got a cute son
    lucky u

  7. eythimeethi – thank u!

    shweeeeet – ehehe… maa comfy kanneynge dho

    uzain – yea they rock… yeap, he is growing tooo fast

    darkangel – thnx, salhi dho!

    lil girl – he is very comfy that way… thnx, he got cute parents u knw!! 😉

  8. balaabala! he got cute parents o! =p lol..dhen thibuneekee dhogeh noon ingey ekam olhigenves =p

  9. nice way uve presented the post. varah obi. 🙂

  10. and…now he’s got a sleeping buddy to accompany turto (turtle), TEDDY! amd the last line is so sweet! 🙂 hope he gets well soon

  11. seeing all that… I am already loving this kid.. why dont you put up a post of the funny things he says? Like you know the names he calls to stuff and all. I keep a record of those and videos of my kid brother… its fun.. we all laugh our heads off…

  12. loabi Bob eh. In his favourite Turtle position, with the turtle too. Love him so much.

  13. Varah loabii…he is damn cute in dat position!! oohh…Hey i kinda started liking him a lot…he is so adoring..mwahh!!

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