i need u!!!!



Having found the love, that so many others don’t,
Yet forced to stay away from u , and my heart groans

In the nights, I lay in bed, wide awake,
I try to calm down with huge breaths that I take,


My mind goes in a frenzy of fanciful thoughts,
Indulging in the images, my eyes closed taut.


I feel blood rising to my face, making me blush,
On my skin, I let my fingertips lightly brush.


With the strong winds of this storm, I let my body sway,
At the highest peak of the mountain I lay.


Heaving, and gasping hungrily I open my eyes,
Calling for you to be here besides me my heart cries.


I miss you so much, luv!




12 Responses to “i need u!!!!”

  1. varah salhiii!!! very ,asareeeeeee

  2. cool. i have a pic of mine like this too

  3. sho shweeet! where has he gone btw =s
    shweet pic ^.^

  4. Plz refer to what lil girl n sHweeeeet said 😉

  5. sweet poem..dont worry u guys wud be back together soon ^_^ lets hope for the best 😀

  6. wooow kewl poem..n nice shot..then anyways gooodluck.cheeeers

  7. lil girl – asaru kuraathee ey 😉

    eythimeethi – aslutha dhakkaa…

    shweeeeet – thnx… he is in male’ me in lanka… dhera dho

    nass – thnx 🙂

    darkangel – thnx hon…

    xefrox – thnx

    thnx alllll!!!

  8. wow 😀 i like dis one…… 😉

  9. awww.. tho thweet!
    i actually read your poem 😛
    its.. sweet and nice and.. so nice!
    and i just love the photo!

  10. blinkgurl – thnx

    .mini – :$ thnx ingey

  11. got a pic like that as well. we called it ‘handhukeytha hifun’.hehe. niiice. haadha dhen dhoney dho. *whistle*

  12. ooooh so shweeeeeet,,,, pic also nice n so is the poem.. lil gal bunihen varah asaree:D

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