stupid me…

Guyz & gals…. wanna listen to something stupid that I did some time back?

I was at Odel with my sister, at the kids’ section, looking through the t-shirts, while bob was running around the kids games stuff and all. And there was this guy, I would call him a “zamaanee guy”. He looked like he’s in his early 20’s, with shoulder length highlighted hair, wearing a really short t-shirt, and his jeans material shorts were as low as like, lower than the upper half of his butt, and I was relieved to see he was decent enough to wear boxers. A nice one at that 😉

Anyway, this guy was bending to look at something on the lower shelves. I just could help but say to my sister, “I just wanna pull his shorts down, wanna bet?” and the dude turned around and lifted his shorts up a bit. Realizing he was Maldivian, we fled the place.





18 Responses to “stupid me…”

  1. Saw on the news that a lot of ppl in US are finding that butt revealing a very irritating and indecent thing, hehehehe. Of all places US dho. They can be so judgemental and yet so intolerant, nooooooontha.

  2. hahaha….

  3. hhahahah

    gud tht tht guy didnt say anyting.. hehe

  4. hehe..bodu kameh!

    balaaba poor bob ah hadhaalaafa huri goiy =p

  5. heheh… lol

    mihaaru aammu kamennu e-ee… =p

  6. he was a maldivian and u said it in dhivehi! hahaha…. something like that happened to a friend of mine too lol…kekeke…. bodu kameh… cants top laughing lol

  7. lol.
    i heard in US, in one of the states, they are goin to ban those baggy pants.

  8. hheehhe…!! Bodu kameh..!! hhehhe LOL

  9. thutha: oh pls…

    nass: 😀

    lilgirl: asluves… we fled b4 he cud

    shweeeeet: i didnt do it… ei ves zamaanee dhari ekey.. kalhu dho fookolhu 😉

    blinkgurl: asluves.. shame, shame

    DarkAngel: yea… ma gamreez dho?

    autodynamix: once again “oh pls”

    pixsie: nice to c u bak in my blog!!! ma gamaarukan adhives hama ehen dho

    thnx all for visiting 😉

  10. pakaasss!!!!! Stupid FiniFenmaa :P~~~~ Adhives Meehunge Jeans echihi baalan Ulhey ingey…

  11. foniboki: fennaannun sale alhuvaafa viyya

    hollow: it was so tempting

    s[u]jau: 😀

  12. hehe
    varah sakaraathey!
    mini comment kuran anna iru emmen thibeny mini bunan beynunvaa echis bune nimmaafa!
    dhen haassakoh ekkala munshi *moonu kuni*
    anyways, majaa ingey! 😛

  13. thesinningslave Says:

    its fashion and chic today hehe…stupid you 😛

  14. hey,u still haven’t stopped watching guys butts.and now u don’t only stop with watchin i guess,u even like to comment on it…….keep it up!!

  15. next time do check whether its a maldivian before sayin anything.. hehhe… majaa ingay

  16. lol. got alot of that happening around lately. especially to my friends in malay.

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