come bakkkk!!!

I cant stand a moment without you,
Feeling so lonely, oh, im so blue,

Every minute I spent knowing you would be there,
But right now, I know you arent here anywhere,

Without you I feel my life’s falling apart,
I never wanted to see you depart

I look through the memories you’ve left with me,
& cant imagine how this could be,

I did nothing wrong so why disappear?
And leave me alone here in despair!!!




In this huge house, without you I feel so confined,
Come back, come back, and let me go online!!!

Guys, by the time I post this I would have got it back, but im writing this cos I feel so blue with the internet connection all messed up!!! 



12 Responses to “come bakkkk!!!”

  1. Heheh…rather cool..! a poem for internet too..!!…u really do love poems and the internet dho..!!! 😉

  2. i thought it was about me…damn !!!

    u miss the internet connection more than me 😥

  3. Aan maves heekuree maa loabi vaa meeheh miss vegen kamah
    pis pis internet dho. U need therapy.

  4. LOL!!!!! nice…:P~~ missing ur internet connection…!!!! not bad..

  5. heeeeeehe, internet connection dhoa,,,….. same goes here

  6. aww… i thot.. ahem…. 😉

    like the picture n poem tooo….


  7. now now internet connection
    go back to finifenmaa
    you can’t do this to her (or me)!

  8. pixsie: yea… obviously 🙂

    m o h d: aww dear, cant interact with u without internet nun 😉

    hinithun: do i??? alhey u calling me sick in the head dho?

    hollow: hehe happens too dho 🙂

    Mode: yea… not just me dho?

    blinkgurl: ahem koacheh??? picture thnx to deviantart… thnx 🙂

    .mini: heheh thnx, got already! 😀

    thnx all!

  9. i thght it was abt ur hubby 1st
    kewl 1

  10. nice one ….cheers.

  11. Hey its a gud one….i liked it…..& now i m going to send it to ma bf…..excluding dat last line about internet connection…..

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