wanna c some photos????

Just felt like sharing some lovely pictures with all of you fellow bloggerz!!! They aren’t all that recent, hope u like them.

This was when one evening, I left Bob with his aunt (thutha) and went to prepare his dinner. When I came back Bob was in deep sleep, and thutha was half gone (but she did manage to force a smile).

This is Uzain patting the stray squirrel that comes by to eat cookies. Look at the size of the thing; it used to b just a tiny lil squirrel.

And that’s Usaid, having an ice cream with all his heart! He eats with so much passion.

This is Bob’s cousin Neyni, one hell of a little man! He says really funny stuff, like the other day, he peed in his pants, and I took him to the toilet to clean he said in an angry tone at himself “hoon dhen mi jehunee fenvaraashennun” lol!!!

These are the princesses in our family!!! Pretty aren’t they?

Another mischievous lil dude, Ben! He just started talking and also speaks in Gibberglish (Gibberish English).

This is when bob was recently admitted at the hospital. Look at the determination in him to drum, even with the needles still in! (that was in ICU)

I lurv this pic. That’s Bob taking refuge in his Uncle Abbe’s raincoat at the Male’ airport. 

That’s it for now!! 


9 Responses to “wanna c some photos????”

  1. Ei FiniFenmalaa Nice Pics ;)~~

    Masha fenanee Photo nagaa meehaka vaan eyrune meeg salhi vaanee 🙂

    nice pics ur have got…

  2. kewl mix..
    u reali shud b a fotographer,,, hehe
    i rmbr 2 take pics aftr the moment goes =/
    those kids r loabi
    lucky 2 hav tem arnd eh??

  3. nice ones… 🙂
    eh fahun nugulhunee my phone furan oy rey laari hus vee hehe..ehenve ingey and didnt get online either.. tc 🙂

  4. u have got the happiest life on earth… if i judge oon those pics.. i wissh i have one too..


  5. thesinningslave Says:

    nice pics? where art thou? 😛

  6. clone – X: nice collection dho! thnx

    lil girl: heheh yea that happens, too entangled with the moment that u 4get the camera dho??

    DarkAngel: thnx, no problem!

    s[u]jau: aww thnx nice thing to say!

    thesinningslave: thnx, im right here!!!

    thnx alll

  7. hmmmm, about the first pic. Thutha was not half asleep, just resting and chilling 😉 The babies they are sooooo cute and lovable dho. Miss them all sooooooooooooo much.

  8. thts meeeeeeeeeeeee *faints* im on u r blog (i mean pic :p) and they all luk kool all the kids of maavina eh?

    p.s. the pic of me makes me realise tht my kanhulhi is growin really long :p

  9. Faisal Noor Says:

    Hey Uzain,
    I wanna contact you, I have some personal Question to you.
    My ID is obfaisal@yahoo.com
    Awaiting your Email.

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