What would you do if you found out that you were ill? If you found that you got a disorder that might need professional help, and yet, you’re too shy to tell anyone? Or you don’t want others to worry about you. Or you simply didn’t want to give it up. But at times feel scared that it might get out of hand.
What if we, as in our human nature we want to please others and this certain disorder might be what you believe as your gateway to success? But at times feel as if it’s pulling you down. And you don’t get the desired comments, result or reaction from the people you want to please?
What would you do/say if one of your friends confessed this to you, and swore you to secrecy? What do you do? How do you help? Whom do you tell???


10 Responses to “trouble…”

  1. don’t tell anyone
    komme gotheh viyas, seeking professional help won’t do any bad to that person
    and these days, it could just remain strictly confidential
    so theres nothing to lose here..

  2. agrees wit mini..
    preffesional help is the best choice

  3. i’ll also go with professional help

  4. tell that to ur heart :)~~

  5. well, i think you should only tell the ones who really should know about it.

    n getting professional help sounds good, coz the problem will only be between u the n the doctor n it can be treated before the problem gets any worse.

  6. yea… cant tell anyone dho!!! my opinion is also professional help!

    thnx ppl

  7. yeah me too agree ..letting out the emotions to a complete stranger is much easier =)

  8. agree wit nass..i gues u must bot hide dat to d people hu loves u..
    n as everyone said u must go for professional help..

  9. collardog Says:

    i agree but if you had a really bad illness shouldn’t your parents know?
    if you don’t have any i’m sorry if i have offended you its just i have held a secret from a friend and i don’t even know if its real and its just its terrible if you and the other person keep it to yourself. and even if you were to recieve medical help if its a disease that can be cured with medication you will need to be over 18 to receive

    by ash

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