Wanted to share with you all a little about this book that I’m reading. It has been ages since I started reading this book about a group of very courageous women. Let me outline it a bit, it’s about women in Iraq during Saddam’s rule. A group of them jailed for reasons they themselves have no clue about. Some of them are well educated, while others are housewives. They all share something in common, the prison cell. The book explains the extreme torture they face. The reason why it’s taking me ages is that once I get so hung over the book, and they torture these women like I hell, I tend to break down and cry :$ I know stupid, but I get emotional. And knowing all this is true. I get depressed. So I just keep the book down for a couple of days, before starting another chapter. What I really wanted to share with you is this poem; a woman had etched on a wall of one of the cells.

“They took me away from my home
They slapped me when I cried out for my children
They imprisoned me
They accused me of crimes I had never committed
They interrogated me with their harsh accusations
They tortured me with their cruel hands
They stubbed out cigarettes on my flesh
They cut out my tongue
They raped me
They cut off my breasts
I wept alone, in pain and in fear
They sentenced me to die
They staked me to the wall
I begged for mercy
They shot me between my eyes
They dumped my body in a shallow grave
They buried me without a shroud
After my death they discovered I was innocent.”


19 Responses to “Torture”

  1. That’s one beautiful and emotional poem…Can’t believe they went through all that torture…

  2. Who wrote this poem then..??

  3. i got 2 read tis book now..
    i like these kinda stuff,,,
    i mean kiyann
    alhe emeehun ge haalu dho
    n tht poem dho… how cud humans b so cruel? sighh

  4. How cruel? I guess Saddam deserved that death – whatsoever !!!

    Anyway, hon…u miss me @ those times dho…when u cry by reading and even watching emotional movies…. 😉

    :big hug… 🙂

  5. thee v fakkaa fotheko kiyaaa. hey finifenmaa chompss .. how r ya.. long tym no C .. C tym no T .. T tyme no Finifemaa heehhe :d

  6. maail: yea so sad

    ziya: cud b another inmate..? or ven right b4 she was taken for the shot

    lil girl: yea i do too.. but b careful it cud get u down..

    mohd: yea, mihaaruves ma ves thihen hithah araa.. hehe :$ yeapz luv

    manippulhu: varah ves fakkaa… no no t time no manippulhu 🙂

  7. ooo..
    gave me goosebumps..

  8. ya that happens some times if you are so deep in it

  9. Thats a very, very touching poem…..It gives me goosebumps every time I read it…..

    I wish it all stops wherever thats happening…It so inhuman..

  10. The things that people go through in life dho. It is when you read these things that you realise how fortunate and blessed you really are. We live a life so secure, compared to these people, that we tend to take security, happiness and life for granted. We forget to thank GOD each day we wake, a healthy person, free from such torture, pain and misery. I get inspiration from these stories 🙂 Am also readin this book now “Nine parts of Desire – The Hidden World of Islamic Women” by Geraldine Brooks. Very interesting…

  11. .mini – it gets worse as i read… 😦

    conjuresoul – yea dho… taken in into it dho

    pixsie – its inhuman to extreme

    hinithun – asluves v think v r so lost and unfortunate… these ppl fought for every breath.. that sounds like a gud read dho

  12. omg omg omg… ive read it.. u’ve got to read the other books by that author… princess, daughters of arabia… oh gawd… its rly interestin.. ekam very… ‘err’ ..

    *ps.. finifenmerr how how? long time no c… *

  13. hey nazzzz there u r… where have u byn…??? yea i saw em at the bookshop too… a whole series dho ? ekamu ‘errr’ kamun im havin second thoughts abt readin them… im so depressed hehe… asluves..

  14. hey i wanna read that book!!!!!

  15. OMG! I’m going to buy that book asap and read.

    And that poem is just heartbreaking.

  16. collardog Says:

    saddam is a cruel man he deserved to die i think after all he is a human like us and he has a soul which is tainted
    love the poem


  17. I would suggest reading Princess by the same author.

    Nice blog. Keep it up! 😉 I see what they mean by the ‘active Maldivian blogging community!’

  18. StarDust Says:

    I wonder why they added the line about being innocent at the end, or I mean worded it that way? I mean even if she was guilty it doesn’t justify that at all. Maybe I’m just reading it wrong.
    I await the day that “justifiable cruelty” dies.
    Education, we need more education in this world. Not just reading, writing, and arithmatic, but about our very beings, about how you can’t torture another without mutilating yourself.

  19. i will read that book as soon as possible

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