colourful morning!!!!

We (Uzain, Bob & i) were riding past this park, when we came across this…

NIIICE aren’t they???

(pixsie this post is specially for u!!! *hug* wish u were there with me!)


22 Responses to “colourful morning!!!!”

  1. kaiza shozey Says:

    WOW. varah obi painting thakeh. the top second painting from the left looks so familiar. I think ive seen one like that from a male’ restaurant as well.

  2. yeah nice work!
    i love the second one!

  3. nice paintings…. πŸ™‚

  4. dats awesome art…varah salhi πŸ˜€

  5. varah salhi

  6. cool ones….

    and btw, is the last one some sort of a lesson like (huge / small) πŸ˜› beybe foto ah nuves araa dho… hehehe

  7. yeah.. i saw them.. and relatively not expensive…dho

  8. alhe 😦 ….sniffy sniff niff..!! 😦 I love everything..!! This whole thing makes me sad all over again..!! I so wish I was there too… 😦 *SOB*

  9. nice work *thumbs up*

  10. yea dho all… varah perfect reethi paintings thakeh dho… and note, that dude wasnt the only painter.. there were about 4 more exhibiting there work.

    yes frozen, they were very cheap indeed…

    mohd, poor beybes was trying to level with bob, but too tired to sit a little, remember he is fasting…

    pixsie, hehe adhi dhekkeema ronee.. nice dho

    thnx all

  11. yaa mohd be i was too tired to try and sit..( can see the PAIN frm my face dho?? hehe LOL…i luk sorta constipated!!!!!!!!!!) any ways the 2nd frm the top one was the one we were gonna buy…and wat about the guitar one?? btw if i had my usb cable i wud have put da pic i had as well 😦

  12. varah salhi pics thakeh. I love the last pic best, heheheh. The way Beybe is crouchin AND also Bob’s batik wear πŸ˜€

  13. llok at those colourrrrrrrrs! o.O

  14. uzain – eheh i guess i beat ya!!! πŸ˜›

    necro & shaf – salhi dho πŸ˜€

    hinithun – heheh yea my fav too

    shweeeeet – i knew u’d like ’em… vat took u so long to comment :@ ??

    thnx all!

  15. sowweeee finifenmaa gandaa..hama busy kamunney..miadhu test nimunee =D

  16. heheh no worries luv… comment kohfeemennun dho?

  17. *sniff* alhe..!! πŸ˜€ specially for me o..!!! *HUGS* .. (nubunahchey ‘himmu’ ey o_O ehehee)

  18. colombo?

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