Trio Trio.. :D


Trio is on TV… *happy dance* Trio *sigh  😀  

 Dont u luv ’em???


(btw the pic is from maapu’s flickr) 


19 Responses to “Trio Trio.. :D”

  1. hehe
    yeah, i like their songs

  2. eband ga indhey salhi biteh o.O

  3. mini – dho??? ma reyga hama soni vehtenee 😉

    shweeeet – kaakubaa??? ^0)

  4. thesinningslave Says:

    hehe raarukugaa heheh finifenma ovva

  5. yaaa i looooooooooove their songs tooo…….. 😀

  6. hehe..yaa saw it.the up comin songs r kewl ingey..they rocks..cheeers

  7. i luv dem!! reyga hama was watchin and singin wit dem 😛 hehe

  8. hey there… yeah it was nice.. love their songs…. hmm.. finifenmaa.. we have met before havent we? i mean online… !! mail me ingey

  9. luv the n lyrics, see them near my house al the tym…heynethey varu 😀

  10. snow white Says:

    odium gey kairyga tha ulhenee 😐 laaaii.. thige ah badhal vaanvee =P ethedheh! shweet ebunee.. eythaa ulhey varah salhi biteh =D heeeeeeeeeh

  11. 😀

  12. i luv deir songs toooo :D:D:D.. best thing abt them is dat dey play originals 😀
    GO TRIO!!

  13. ah yea i like them too 🙂 hey fini fen maa.. long time no see dho. i met loabbbe todayy 😛 hows bobsyy? ma regards…. well im being very very this and that wayy.. hope things are well with u

  14. I luv them too. I love “Raarukkhuga” that song the most. So many fans dho 😀

  15. umm..i grew up with’em..hang out with’em jam with’em but i dont think i love them like u do..hehe..but yeah..they are kool friends:D

  16. yeah they are great… they have got great songs lilke chaaley, hanguraama, and raarukuga….:D

  17. oooo so many ppl luv trio dho????

    ss: nufeybifa dho finifenmaa othee foh kamun 😉

    ikko: me too… adhi alll alone.. v araamukoh balaalee

    odium: nyd ur address… thi geyah move kurumuga mihaaru miulhenee

    eythimeethi: aaan dho kon zamaaneh… everythings goin gr8… 😀 thnx for dropping by…

    halfpixel: shame shame…my regds to ’em all 😉

    thnx alll!!! lets hope we hear ’em playing again soon!

  18. Trio obinovey!.. kyp it up boyz.. 😉

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