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i think they’re cute.. don’t u?

Posted in thinking aloud!! on October 8, 2007 by finifenmaa

Why do we judge people by just how they look or dress?? Well, it’s just simply unacceptable. This post isn’t about natural beauty, this is more about what we choose to do, to look pretty or simply because we want to, specifically piercing.

Even through the years, us Maldivians tend to judge someone who got more than one or a couple of piercings on the ears. They would be labeled as junkies. And any boy who got studs on his ears/elsewhere would have trouble getting the consent of a girl’s mom. What I’m trying to say here is, piercing isn’t just for junkies, Goths whatevers. It also can be done by average people, who could be considered ‘decent’ leading ‘normal’ lives. Of course, people go overboard with the piercing bit, to the point at times it gets disgusting. But it could also be done to an ‘average’ not disgusting level. And there are types of jewellery that would make the piercing ‘decent’ and ‘acceptable’. Well whatever, let’s not judge people by the number of ‘holes’ they got huh?