i think they’re cute.. don’t u?

Why do we judge people by just how they look or dress?? Well, it’s just simply unacceptable. This post isn’t about natural beauty, this is more about what we choose to do, to look pretty or simply because we want to, specifically piercing.

Even through the years, us Maldivians tend to judge someone who got more than one or a couple of piercings on the ears. They would be labeled as junkies. And any boy who got studs on his ears/elsewhere would have trouble getting the consent of a girl’s mom. What I’m trying to say here is, piercing isn’t just for junkies, Goths whatevers. It also can be done by average people, who could be considered ‘decent’ leading ‘normal’ lives. Of course, people go overboard with the piercing bit, to the point at times it gets disgusting. But it could also be done to an ‘average’ not disgusting level. And there are types of jewellery that would make the piercing ‘decent’ and ‘acceptable’. Well whatever, let’s not judge people by the number of ‘holes’ they got huh?






38 Responses to “i think they’re cute.. don’t u?”

  1. thats true…i lov piercin…but ur right, guys tend to hav dificult times with parents with studs, i no…have seen it 😀

  2. i wanna get my foolhu pierced!
    thats in my things i wanna do in my wildest dreams list

    yeah yeah, maldivians have a thing with those holes and stuff
    we have to broaden our minds!

  3. decent people living normal lives with a screw running through the nose is not a decent person suitable enough for, say as a corporate representative, as the preference you refer is the minority – which would by its nature take decades to be mainstream – and by the nature of the referred itself it is quite obvious that any majority of any social group consisting of such subcultures will not uptake a particular niche. your post makes no sense… the same way this comment doesn’t make sense 🙂

  4. thee vegen vaa bodu thedhekeve..
    i wana pierce 2.. but my mom wil chop me n feed 2 my dad..
    asluves salhi
    n tese maldivians do hav a way of judgeing ppl by appearance o number of holes.. humph
    nice post

  5. well yah true..
    but its just the way it’s been labeled dho..
    i liked it wen foolhu is thorufaafa..
    ekam boys pierce kureema they lose their decent-ness..atleast for me.. *shrug*

  6. kaiza shozey Says:

    oooook. that jes sounded weird when u said not to judge ppl by the number of holes theyve got. heheh. lol. i have to agree with u but i dont think most ppl judge others if they have piercings. but they do judge em if they have like lets say the number of piercing in the ear in the pic uve uploaded. and no, i dont think its cute when the piercings are like that or jes above the eyebrow even though they do look good in the first pic. ;). and i have to somewhat agree with the anonymous coward. hehe. but then again ppl can live or dress anyway they want AS LONG as they remain within boundaries or dont go overboard. and im all up for not judging ppl by how they look or dress even though unconsciously even we do judge ppl that way.

  7. I have been doing diploma n from there i knew abt that first expression last 4eva..n there again it cums dun judge a book by its cover..keke..but the thing is pple dun wanna judge it..
    i think the ear one is OVER..hehe others r kewl…cheeerss.tc

  8. odium – sad but true dho?

    mini – yea my list too.. 😀

    anonymous coward – like i said… there are ‘decent’ studs… and the corporate rep bit, have u seen ‘the practice’ star Camryn Manheim??? she starred as a lawyer, and i dont think her multiple piercings on the ear seemed odd… just my view… 🙂 btw, nice name, fits u well 🙂

    lil girl – gud luck… hope someday u wud get ur wish, i just got one of mine! 😉

    shweet – yea me too.. luv navel piercing.. hope to get one, one day! and, i dont quite agree.. guys cud still look decent with a piercing.. its the limit that creates the image dho!

    kaiza shozey – yea, boundaries… my point exaclty…

    xefrox – ear one over tha??? u think so??? aww… ei fulus thah fennan hureemahen i think… 🙂

    thnx all for ur comments… 🙂

  9. hehe no of holes they’ve got..thats a nice part! hama alhaigathy ethankolhah

    wel said yeah no one can be judged like that..if it is thats unfair

  10. aesha – 😀 dho

    leem – nooon… its not that bad… 🙂

  11. i once piercd my lips i mean upper lol keke…and my belly button got piercd in a surgery and i had to remov the stud later cuz of ma mom!! arrgh
    i wanna pierce again duh!!!
    studs and mom and dads dont match bodu kameh hmph!

  12. “let’s not judge people by the number of ‘holes’ they got huh”


    personally i find it freaky… im scared of needles… i guess that explains it?

  13. i-kko – ehentha?? i recently got an upper lip piercing done… like that on the last pic of the post 🙂

    bulhaa – i knw someone like that… who later on got two piercings on one ear, and one on the other :D.. so might change for u tooo dho?

    thnx all…

  14. 😀 yeah its cute..!

    but sometimes, in some cases, it all looks dangerously…’ouch’ o_O

  15. i guess it’s not about judgment but opinion level…. it varies from person to person in every aspect of life…..

    your average might not be ‘an’ average to somebody else.. 😉

  16. hmmm one thing i was told by someone. the tongue piercing is cool while kissing 😛 i dont wanna do that but i sure do like to try how it feels.. hehe . well i dont wanna comment on that anyway it suits some ppl and it doesnt suit some ppl . and when it suits it looks nice. especially girls. but wouldnt it hurt? what if u get tangled with it to some where ? sure it would hurt when it does. when i think of that it shivers me hehehe.

  17. ya dho!! thedhu vaa haka e ingey!! sunrise mom ves vara judge kuraane sunrise ge friends egotha thibeythee.. pis pis,, some times she thinks that i get friends with those paaaaaarrteys hehhe.. i wonder when will they or who ever thinks like that will change…

  18. pixsie – hehe… ehentha?? 😉

    zero – true

    dhiking – dho

    eythimeethi – ehentha… lol… spikes eh nulaannun dhulaku.. pis pis

    sunrise – wish u luck!!

  19. well they are sexy :)~

  20. well somehow i like it..but some dont consider it as decent. also yep..it may be kewl in some ethnic groups. but considering maldives…phew

  21. Hmmmmmm! Well! personally I dont have anything against piercing. Just not the thing for ME, heheheh.

    Did you know that the history of piercing has tribal back ground to it? I did some reserach and found that interesting 🙂


  23. i looooooooooooooooooove piercings too!!! super awesome blog 😀 super awesome posts too. keep postin..

  24. nice finifenmaa.. 🙂

  25. finifenmaaaa =D long time no cccccccc… i luv the kanfaiy =D how’ve u been? long time no c!!

  26. 2 faharu long time no c ey bunevijje dho… sorry.. hama eh nooney… nunidhigen mi ulheny

  27. eh.:) no comment!

  28. ey long tym no post
    wat da matter???

  29. thesinningslave Says:

    ‘ello friend, how’s things going on? no updates, am waiting for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. kaiza shozey Says:

    eyyy, where rrrr uuuuu??

  31. looks like u’ v been away for a while as well..

    I completely and totaly agree with you.. and we pierce becuase we want to and becuase we think it looks good.. and just because u have an eyebrow piercing or too many holes elsewhere on ur body doesnt mean u are a junkie.. I for one am no junkie.. and i am guilty of having too many holes.. 😉

    btw I am back home for a while… if u are in town we all should havbe a meet up… might be nice or completely weird even hehe

  32. we all have an equal number of holes by nature: 9….heheh…so yes, while judging by the holes, only piercing can be taken into consideration. ofcourse it’s the stereotype that when boys pierce, they’re on the wrong side. i know a lot of decent guys with piercing & they look totally cool!!! i dont mind having one on my ears either…

  33. hippyychick Says:

    I totally agree with you. Almost everybody these days consider any piericing besides your ears mutilation to the body. Those are also my mother’s words. People shouldn’t judge other people by the way they look.
    Never judge a book by it’s cover eh?

  34. I was aondering does this hurt i really want one

  35. CoCo: monroes n ears dont hurt much… dont knw abt belly or eyebrows though… heard belly takes abt 6mths to recover… bt its worth it right? aint it cute?

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