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the messier, the better!

Posted in bob, scraps on January 22, 2008 by finifenmaa

Messing up with paint really was fun for Bob, who was having a boring Saturday indoors.


Pixsie tagged me!!!!

Posted in scraps on July 22, 2007 by finifenmaa


1 – Three things I can’t do
• Quit being a worry wart
• Laugh quietly
• Share my coke

2 – Three things I can do
• Bake, cook… (oh yes I can)
• Stay in bed all day long (if it wasn’t for bob)
• Dance, dance all night long (oooo I miss it)

3 – Three things That scares me
• God
• What Bob would turn out to be when he grows up.
• Whatever goes wrong might be because of me.

4 – Three things I love
• My family (immediate and extended inclusive)
• Friends (genuine, not those fake people out there)
• Spending time with my husband and kid… together…

5 – Three things I hate
• Those impossible to stop gossip freaks
• A loud crowd of party people, while I’m on a quiet dinner!!!
• ironing


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bob with drums…

Posted in scraps on April 10, 2007 by finifenmaa

that’s Bob at the carinval stage last weekend, reaching out for the drums…. 

~thnx afey for the photo~